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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting in the Holiday Mood

Slowly but surely, getting in the holiday mood. My sister has been furiously sending packages for the kids and I bought my first gift today. I'm not a regular JC Penney shopper, I'm more Targhay, but I had a couple of $10 coupons I got in the mail. I got a $30 something something on sale and with the coupon it cost me $4.99. Now that kind of deal will definitely get me in a holiday mood! I even turned on the local holiday music station on the way to the store. I had to change it back when Manneheim Steamroller came on. (Can't stand them!)

Bad camera work aside, this stuff still turns my stomach.

I had to post this because Anastasia claims she's never heard them. My apologies to all for putting your through this. Lol!

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Lin said...

I hope you didn't mind that I didn't click on the tunes---I hate them too. I have more enjoyable things to do for three minutes, like pick the lint out of my pocket and such. Thanks for the warning.

Auntie E said...

Drop by tomorrow for a great "My season Favorite song Weekend" on my At home site. I know it will get you in the mood.:-)

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