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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious. Don't know if you've heard of this 'character', but recently I've been donning the pink cape when I state the obviously obvious in an effort to not seem like I'm being insulting. Even if I don't don the cape, my intent isn't insulting, but somehow it comes off that way. Hence the need for the cape.

Wednesday, I didn't think to don the cape and just decided that the point in question was soooo obviously obvious, that I didn't need to point it out. Anastasia was removing the old dishwasher, Captain Obvious did not swoop in and ask if she had done plumbing work before and did not give a gentle reminder about turning the water shut-off valves under the sink to the "off" position. (She was working on this at 1am, I was in bed, heard a commotion and came down to investigate. I found Anastasia soaked head to toe and the parquet floor in the kitchen had quite a nice size puddle.)

So Thursday when I was on the road and remembered another situation that Captain Obvious needed to handle regarding the dishwasher installation, I phoned Anastasia after donning the pink cape. Turns out she was not aware and Captain Obvious saved the day.

So, what are some of your Captain Obvious moments?

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StaceyC4 said...

I love that. I never don the cape but the sarcasm comes across loud and clear according to my husband. He's like "Why are you so nasty?" and I'm like "Why don't you get this?"

Makes for some good times...

Auntie E said...

Home repairs done by home owners, who thought we could handle it..but sometimes we just need to surrender. Oh i had one this week, Posted it on my Living Healthy site
(, The pellet stove. I looked look a chimney sweeper,lol.

honeypiehorse said...

I want that costume!

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