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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Can't remember if I blogged about it already (I think I'm going senile, I can't remember shit anymore. Oh look, that 'shit' goal is really working, isn't it?), but the other day I noticed Maddux had a dark patch under his chin. Kind of a kitty soul patch if you will. Upon further investigation I discovered that it was dried blood and he had hurt himself or had lost a fight with Irish. Since then I've been feeling all bad for him and trying to make sure if Irish is out of our room, we're keeping an eye on both of them. Well Saturday night both of them are in our room, kitty fur is flying, under the bed, behind the dresser, into the closet. Next thing you know I see both of them in front of the foot of the bed. Just sitting...looking at each other as if to size each other up. Next thing you know Maddux pulls this mad, stealth, ninja fighting move...jumping up, using his rear paws to kick Irish, (he's totally air born at this moment) then using his front paws to grab at Irish's face. Suddenly I don't feel bad he got hurt because it looks like he's totally the instigator.

It is freakin cold out there. Can I say how much my new winter coat sucks? It's not warm at all. The catalog I ordered it from calls it an Anorak Jacket, which would lead one to believe it is like a Snorkel Jacket. (Check Wikipedia, seriously, it says they are similar.) It referred to the coat as having a zip out liner and being like a 3 season jacket, kind of like a Columbia Jacket. Umm, not so much. It's like a spring jacket. The wind whips right through it. Today I went out to run an errand and I had to layer up. T-shirt, Waffle long sleeve henley, zip front fleece, then the Anorak Jacket. I still froze my butt off and now it's too late to buy a different winter jacket because I'm sure none of the plus size stores have any left. It's stupid really. This is a woman's coat, it should be extra warm because women are always cold right? Two years ago I bought a men's coat, it was super are always running around in sweatshirts because they're naturally so warm. WTH? Rant off.

Ok, so how do you un-teach the whole household to not close the 1st floor bathroom door when they are done? Reason? The shampoo in the corner shower stall is freezing because with the door shut the little floor vent can't heat the room enough to keep the shampoo from freezing. Ever try to dispense frozen shampoo?

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StaceyC4 said...

Kitty Kung-Fu and Snorkel jackets?? Too funny!

Diane said...

my toothpaste has been hard to squeeze out it's so cold! i feel your pain!!

your kitty sounds like a rebel! lol

Lin said...

I think those kittens are having a blast! It sounds like kitten behavior and not aggression or someone would be cowering. It's a good thing you got two--Chuck is his new kitten's fighting pal, except Chuck isn't a willing partner!!

LOL on the frozen shampoo! Imagine what Eskimos have to put up with. :)

Lola said...

@ StaceyC4 - Kitty kung fu is now a regular event when we let the 2 cats be in the same room. That and the kitty indy 500 up and down the stairs.

@ Diane - Yes, a rebel and he looks so darn adorable it's hard to be upset.

@ Lin - Yes, I'm very glad we got 2. You would not believe how the kids want to play with them. With 2 at least we can say to each take a kitty. Of course Maddux is the favorite because he is so cuddly and Irish is not the favorite because she's all attitude, although I am getting her to warm up a bit more by spending more time with her. She's currently asleep under the Christmas tree.

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