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Monday, February 8, 2010

SuperBowl in review

I was cheering on the Saints. Why? Because this was their first time at the SuperBowl and what better reason to cheer on a team that is not your home team? (Da Bears, you have a lot of work to do, don't you?)

The first half was disappointing. Ok, what am I saying...the 1/2 time show was disappointing. No was downright painful. Anastasia and I quipped back and forth how The Who was doing all the CSI theme songs. But after those chuckles I remarked how awful Roger Daltry sounded. I mean, he sounds much worse than Rod Stewart and Rod Stewart had surgery for thyroid cancer for cryin' out loud. Ok, so Roger Daltry is a year older than Rod Stewart. Still, he sounded awful. Pete Townsend basically played air guitar the entire show and he played it badly. Ok, so I'm no music critic, but come on, you don't need to be one to know that these guys have seen better days and frankly I would have liked to have remembered them in their hey-day than to now have to remember this awful show.

The beginning of the 2nd half started out with an on side kick recovery by the Saints and we were off and running. A controversial play to be sure and I don't think I've ever seen the refs take so long to decide a play. Then there was the other controversial play, scored in the Saints favor. To be honest, I kind of nodded off until the Saint's Tracy Porter intercepted Mannings pass for a td.

For me the best commercial goes to Snickers.

The Home Away commercial where Chevy Chase and Beverly DeAngelis reprise their roles from National Lampoon's Vacation movies were good, but so heavily edited from their extended version on Home Away's website that they kind of lost their appeal. I had watched the extended version before the game.

The eats were da bomb. The pulled pork sandwiches were delish. The Anytizer Boneless Buffalo whoozits were awful. What a disappointment. For a treat I had bought a package of M&M cookies from Meijer's bakery department. Our son found them before the game and thankfully he did not eat the whole 2 pounds of cookies.

So what did you think of the game, half-time show and the commercials? What was your favorite commercial?

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Angela Cooper said...

You are soooo right on all accounts. The half time show was awful and the game didn't pick up until the 4th quarter. But I have to say I was really disappointed with the commercials. All these millions they spent....for what??? Betty was the best but nothing else needed to waste their money like that.

Stephany said...

LOVE the Who! they're supposed to sing as rock icons that they are, and it's all a marketing campaign for CSI, Danica and the WHO; the Danica thing bugs me because she's selling a drug for an illness the drug company is selling and marketing said drug for, and in underwear, I mean hell aren't the cheerleader pharma reps bad enough?

For one fleeting moment, I heard that old Roger voice and felt free of the 50 year old flabby body (mine lol)and felt young again, remembering my youth.

Seriously long comment, sorry! I must need a vacation from my life SO bad that watching the Who made my day! arggh

A.Marie said...

Oh Gosh!! I LOVED The Who! What are you talking about!! Get With The Program, Girl!!! :)

I am a Who Fan from waaaaay back....(my twin sis is on the phone right now and she is saying "Who the heck are The Who?" She said she just likes the name! HA! LOL

We (the inquiring minds) want to know: what are The Anytizer Boneless Buffalo whoozits? It sounds like something that The Grinch would serve!

Here is how the party would go: "All the Whoo's in Whooville gather to have whoozits and watch The sounds like a Dr. Seuss party! Darn...if you had invited us, we'd have brought green eggs and ham!

Auntie E said...

I was so glad the saints won, although I didn't watch much through my eyelids,lol. What A crazy commercial, I guess I didn't miss much on the commercial side. Haven't heard much about them.

Meg said...

I thought the commercials were really disappointing. In years past they have been much better.

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