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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Countdown... 2 days to go

The following is a re-post from last year. Hope you'll participate and comment.
One of my more interesting Valentines Days was a blind date I had before I met Anastasia.

I met Michelle on PlanetOut. I have to say, some of my most memorable (and not in a good way) dates were from women from PlanetOut. Maybe I should post my dating oddities. And WOW, were some of them odd! That would be except for the lovely Anastasia, cause she's da bomb! I'm so glad that I didn't give up on that site, if I had, we would have never met.

Michelle wasn't keen on the idea of going on a date on Valentines Day, but somehow I managed to charm her into it. After I made the date I debated over and over, what if anything special I should do because of the holiday. I ended up going with the standard. A rose bouquet.

We were to meet at an Italian restaurant in Andersonville. I would know her by what she was wearing. I went to the restaurant at the appointed time and met up with her. Her, AND...her straight friend! Yup, she brought a straight friend on the date! Who does that??? (Just wait, that isn't even the worst part of the date!) I've heard of wingmen but I thought wingmen were only used to pick up women, not when you already had a date.

I gave her the roses. BIG mistake! She started crying. Apparently her ex, whom she was till carrying a major torch for, always gave her roses. And that wasn't the only time she burst into tears. This woman was seriously not over her ex and quite possibly may have had serious psychological issues. Clearly she had no business being on a date. It turned out everything I said reminded her of her ex. Well, what few words I could get in.

The restaurant service seemed painfully slow, though I'm sure it wasn't. It was after all a big restaurant night and I'm sure they were trying to turn the tables quickly. It felt like all eyes were on our table. It was like Michelle would not stop crying. I wracked my brain trying to think of things to talk about that maybe wouldn't continue the waterfall. Even a topic as innocuous as the weather, brought back memories of the ex. All I wanted to do was leave. I considered several times ditching, but I'm really not that kind of person. I stuck it out, but it had to be one of the more painful dates of my life. (Not the most painful, but close.)

After dinner, Michelle and her straight friend wanted me to show them where Stargaze, the women's gay bar, was down the street. Against my better judgment, I accompanied them. (Seriously, how could this end well?) The place was the most packed I'd ever seen it and it was incredibly loud. At that point I really had enough of my date in bizarro-land and I had to leave. I made excuses about a headache and ended up walking the 6 miles home in the February cold.

So now it's your turn. Use the comment section to post your Most Bizarre Valentines Day from the past. If you want, post it on your blog, link back to my post, and post the link in my comments section.

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Helene said...

I went away for the weekend with a man (who hadn't told me he was married but it was long-distance as we had met on the internet-easy to hide). I wanted roses. I asked on the drive where were my flowers-he saw a car in front with several flower deliveries and said "in that car." Then I made dinner reservations for the last seating. During the day there was a big bucket of single-stem roses in the lobby for sale-he wouldn't get me one as I watched the bucket empty slowly as in a movie scene throughout the day. We went to dinner and they were handing out roses. They handed out the last one to the lady before me. A couple years ago, many years after that and long after we split-he surprised me with delivered long-stem roses for Valentine's Day. Since then, I now buy my own.

Jen said...

I haven't had a date on Valentines Day. I've either been married, usually pregnant, or single. Either way it was never a special holiday because for my ex and me it is always a slow time of the year and funds are tight. For the last 7 years we've spent the day celebrating our daughter's birthday. So even if there is no date it is always a fun day.

StaceyC4 said...

I have been wracking my brain and honestly, I don't think I ever had a date on Valentine's Day.

Now I'm depressed...

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