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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

My daughter had her sports award ceremony last night for being on the bowling team. She got a "Good Sportsperson" Award. She was very excited. I kind of figured she was going to get some kind of an award because the coach was very insistent that I make sure she was there and the coach had been saying all along how my daughter was so focused and tried so hard. She was learning and she really took it seriously. A lot of the other girls just goofed off a lot of the time.

My son said he was trying out for Volleyball today, but then didn't have the required forms and ended up going to play video games at a friend's house. When I went to pick him up to go to the awards event he smelled like he doused himself in his friend's Dad's aftershave. It wasn't his scent. I could tell. It was kind of funny.

Immersing myself into the online world of dating. So far it is an adventure.

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Linda Medrano said...

Good for your daughter! I've never been coordinated enough for most sports. So I'm totally with your son on playing video games and not doing volleyball! (Actually, I'm lousy at video games too!)

Aftershave, huh? Starting to grow up! LOL!

I told Jen I wish you were closer and I could introduce you to my girlfriend. She's fantastic! Just keep looking. Some times you have to kiss some frogs before you find a princess!

Lin said...

Oh, I'm glad your daughter got that award! I'm sure she needed that boost these days. :)

Love the foo-foo juice story! So, who was he hoping to run into????

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