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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Ok, so I've been saying I need a vacation for forever, right? Even if it's a weekend getaway. I have literally spent the last 2 days...until the wee hours searching for a hotel that fits the bill, within a modest drive from where I live. Certain destinations were ruled out because my girlfriend and I wanted someplace neither of us had been. We decided we wanted certain amenities, so that ruled out a lot of hotels/resorts. Also, price ruled out most resorts. Some were completely outrageous! We also wanted a smoking room. That seemed to be the thing that caused the biggest issue. We were willing to begrudgingly compromise on the amenities, but not that. It seems most hotel chains have now gone 100% non-smoking. Planning a getaway should not be so difficult! Arghh! Finally I found a place, actually very close that fit all of our requirements and wasn't outrageously priced. Hallelujah!

Not to cause controversy, but this new Arizona law just boggles the mind. For one, aren't we all descended from immigrants? And secondly, isn't this just going to turn into either racial profiling or what the seat belt law became? At first the seat belt law was they can't just stop you to check your seat belt, they have to have another reason for the traffic stop, like speeding, running a red light or tail light out, or whatever. Now most cities have checkpoints on the weekends/holidays and "supposedly" stop cars randomly to check for drunk drivers...and failure to use a seat belt. Is Arizona going to expand their weekend/holiday checkpoints to check for citizenship papers? It just doesn't seem right. And frankly, I'm surprised I'm taking this position on this issue, because when Chicago had the first immigration march a few years ago, I took the exact opposite position.

Maddux went for his pre-surgery physical Monday. The vet was running very late and we ended up waiting about 40 minutes in the exam room. I let Maddux out of his cage upon entering the room. He walked around and investigated the exam table and counter area, then began climbing on my shoulders just like he did when I first brought him home from the shelter. After awhile I guess he got bored and just laid out on the exam table. All relaxed. I took photos with my camera phone, but I can't get them on here, sorry. He laid on the table until the vet finally came in. As soon as he saw the vet he crawled up my shoulder again. The vet ended up doing the exam with him perched on my shoulder! We were both laughing our asses off. After the exam was finished, the vet explained the procedures in detail and let the vet pet him. Maddux behaved totally opposite of Irish (aka our Diva). When Irish goes to the vet they have to take her in the back room, put on gloves, grab a blanket and call for back-up because she freaks. Maddux is just a laid back dude I guess. He's having his surgery today and will be coming home on Wednesday.

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I am Harriet said...

There's got to be a better way to handle the issue in Az.

The smoking thing in Il may be because of that smoking law. There were plenty of smoking rooms the last time I went to Fla.

Sandee said...

Second place goes to Lola of Lola's Diner with:

Once again Martha proves her girlish charms are not to be beat when trying to vie for male attention at the senior living center.

Congratulations and thanks for playing along. :)

StaceyC4 said...

Lola, do NOT even get me started on police check points!!!

Staci said...

My first thought was racial profiling, too. They'll say they won't use it, but you know they're going to be going off of skin color when they stop someone and ask to see their green card or visa. I doubt they'll be stopping very few Caucasians unless they happen to hear an accent. And you're probably right about the roadblocks. The same thing happened in Georgia with the seatbelt law. First, you had to be stopped for something else. Now they have roadblocks so they can hand out the $15 fines for not wearing one (higher if a child).

As a law clerk, I sat through enough motion hearings to know that it's now a legitimate reason for a roadblock. I don't think it can be just seatbelts. They always throw in DUI or "safety checkpoints" when they testify, but you know they're checking for the seatbelts, too. If they can't get you for the big things, they'll get you for that.

At least the defense attorneys in Arizona will get to argue something new in motion hearings...

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