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Friday, June 11, 2010

Before I Was A Mom

Ok, I'm stealing this from Redhead Ranting, who stole it from Cardiogirl, who got it from a writing prompt at Mama’s Losin’ It.

Before I was a Mom:
I never wanted children...
Yup, in fact if you knew me bk (before kids), you would have guessed that I would never have children. I was not a fan of rugrats and paid them no attention. In fact, if I were to guess why I had that attitude, it would be because when I was a teen I babysat for a family with 6 kids, all of them under 8 years old, several of them toddlers and 1 baby. I have 1 sister, younger than me. You would have guessed she would be the one with kids, but she doesn't have any. When I was pregnant with my daughter (before I told anyone) my best friend Nikki's 4 year old daughter busted me out. I was suddenly a kid magnet! Nikki guessed immediately that I was preggars!

I used to partae...
Yup, I stayed out till bar close and still got up for work on time. Now if I'm up past Craig Ferguson, it's unusual and probably means I have insomnia.

I had money...
Money to burn. New clothes, music, movies. Money to go out to restaurants and go to the bars until closing. I recently bought new clothes for the first time in about 10 years. The only reason I did it was because I lost weight and it was absolutely necessary.

I could afford a large car payment and a really cool new car...
I bought a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme new and I had big car payments. Ok, not that my Honda Pilot isn't cool, but it is just a couple steps above a mini-van, isn't it? I still LOVE it anyway!

I left the state of Wisconsin and moved to Chicago, not knowing a soul...
I got the itch to move out of my parent's house and after several Ferris Days decided Chicago was the place to be.

I was incredibly shy and never stood up for myself...
Yes, incredibly shy. When you have kids, and especially when you have 1 who is bi-polar and 1 with learning disabilities you learn very quickly that the squeaky wheel gets the oil and in order to advocate for your kids, you cannot be shy and you must stand up for yourself and your kids. In fact I amaze myself that I am so "out" and proud. I never would have thought in a million years I would have the chutzpah to be "out" and not only blog about it, but participate in educational campaigns for GLBT rights. (If you missed the big campaign, click here.)

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cardiogirl said...

Thanks for the nod, chica! This one really was fun because the posts I read were pretty honest.

As you know, I never, EVAH, wanted kids and here I am. I cannot imagine babysitting six children under eight.


p.s. I have a request for the jukebox How about "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell?

And *not* the dual version that segues into "Baby, Baby." Thank you in advance.

cardiogirl said...

Sweep the Leg! The jukebox shows manna from heaven and yet the link does not work. The http is listed twice. Grrr.

But that will not stop me; I'm going to YouTube to search it out. Thanks Lola!

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