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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Change of Seasons...Change of Decor

Isn't it funny how when the seasons change we make changes to our decor? In Spring, we clean the inside of our house and organize, organize, organize. In the Fall, we're all outside getting those last touches done on the outside of our homes. Dividing bulbs/rhizomes; planting bushes; pruning; getting the snow thrower tuned up for the coming winter.

As the cooler months start to come we get ready for the bitter cold of winter, when we hunker down and spend more time at home. This is the time that I usually spend looking to spruce things up around the house. One room that tends to get overlooked at my home is the bedroom. How often do you change your bedroom decor? How often do you buy new sheets? Couldn't we all use more modern bedding? Maybe a new duvet cover, a new bedding set, new pillows, or a new quilt for those upcoming cold nights when you turn the thermostat down to save money?

Since I've been in a new relationship, I've been more conscious of trying to keep my bedroom in order and trying to make it a romantic sanctuary. One of the things I really find luxurious are those high thread count sheets. Those 200 thread count sheets just don't cut it anymore.

These 400 thread count sheets would be perfect with my duvet cover and sham set:

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1 comment:

Lin said...

Oh, so much to do this time of year! I'm scrambling and the weather is just so weird--heck, it's gonna be 90 tomorrow!!! And to think I had my winter coat on Saturday when we at the band contest.

I just bought sheets. I love new sheets!

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