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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

What a weekend! Friday night I went to a lesbian bar for the birthday party of the LGBT group I belong to. These gatherings can tend to get crazy. (The Halloween Party.) And we missed the strip poker night. The birthday girl was playing photographer and decided it would be great to snap a photo of the inside of her shirt. She was so hysterically laughing over this that she started taking photos inside other women from the group's shirts. I happily volunteered! I had to! I was wearing the most AWESOME lacy push-up lavender bra! The leader of our group kept telling the birthday girl to post the photos on facebook and have other members guess whose rack is whose. So far they haven't ended up there. Thank GOD! (I still can't believe I let her snap the photo! Do you believe I did it?)

I co-hosted a Bears game watching party at my friend's house and invited members from the group. Great food, great fun and da Bears even WON! (Dang! No wild and craziness like the other get-togethers.)

Girl's Bowling starts this week. Cross your fingers and toes peeps! ...that my daughter makes the team.

I have to endure another week of grounding for my son. Ugh! Last week he was grounded for lighting the carpet on fire. This week it's because he never turned in the parent teacher conference schedule form. Oh the bitching and moaning that will ensue...ALL WEEK LONG!

I need prayers and positive energy that I will find a job soon. Thank you!

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Lin said...

What's with the indoor fire??! That is scary.

Here's to the bowling team and a job--but not necessarily in that order! :)

Anonymous said...

*sheepish grin* My girlfriend and I managed to set her carpet on fire in jr high. It was really embarassing!

Good luck with the job search...I'm sending you super-uber good thoughts.

Anne said...

Why is it that grounding always hurts us more than it hurts them?

Good luck with the job search. That is so frustrating.

MsDarkstar said...

Someone passed the job mojo to me and it worked so ***JOB MOJO*** comin' your way!

Go Lola!

I am Harriet said...

That was a great Bears game!!!
Thank goodness. Maybe there is a team in there. I just hope they kick this Sunday.

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