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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What About An Emergency Equals A 30 Day Wait?

Ok, so yesterday I posted about how I was notified that I lost my disability benefits and have no income. So today I went to the local public aid office, completed application in hand, proof of my no income and bank statement copies. Everything I could possibly need to facilitate an emergency application for food stamps and cash. I was made to wait for 2 hours for my "interview" for my emergency application. When my name was called I was told that it would take 30 days. Really? What about the word emergency equates to a 30 day wait? When I asked about my "interview", I was told that was it, buh bye. I was like...wait a minute, I'm applying for emergency assistance, I was told I would be "interviewed" today. The worker told me my case worker was not in and there was nothing she could do. I walked over to the security guard to ask what I could do because 30 days to wait on an emergency is seriously unreasonable. She said to take the next place in line at the counter and ask for a supervisor, which I did. I was told that I could ask for a supervisor, but I would be told the same thing...30 days, and I would have to wait an unknown amount of time to talk to a supervisor. My back was already screaming from sitting for 2 hours in those uncomfortable kiddy chairs they have. I told him never mind and left. Then I went to the township office to talk to them about it because I'd remembered reading somewhere that they provide emergency assistance when public aid can't. Of course the social services person was out of the office, so I left my name and number. They called me back a few minutes ago and told me they only help when you get a utility disconnect notice and recommended I contact my congressmen.

Merry f'n Christmas to me.

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Lin said...

Seriously??? What constitutes and emergency then??? Criminy.

StaceyC4 said...

We experienced the same thing when we applied. It took a little more than 6 weeks to get our food assistance and I mean, the amount was retro'd but I could have used it a lot sooner. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

That is just criminal considering your disability benefits can be shut-off at a moments notice.

Have you gone to any local parishes too?

I am Harriet said...

That's outrageous!
Sometimes, there is no intelligence or compassion.

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