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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adjustable Bar Stools for the kitchen

Wouldn't now be a great time to update the bar stools for your kitchen island? I've been looking at adjustable bar stools for my kitchen island. I currently don't have any and have always wanted to add them. It would definitely help with all that goes on in my kitchen on game day. With the upcoming Super Bowl, now would be a great time to order.

The question is, do I go retro/diner?

or something sleek and modern?

or something simple?

We make a big deal here at the Diner about football games in general. Doing up a big spread every Sunday, as if it were Super Bowl Sunday. Part of the fun of each gathering is cooking together in the kitchen before the game and a bit during the game. The kitchen is the gathering place during the game and everyone chips in. Even the kids. Everyone gives their input on the main dish, sides and appetizers. Usually the adults handle the main dish and one or more of the kids tackle a side and an appetizer or two. Yes, even the younger kids pitch in. The kitchen is bustling with activity before, during and after the game as we watch the game on the big screen television while we get the food ready.

Last week's game day theme was Cuban food. We made Lechon Asado (Cuban Pork Roast), homemade Cuban Bread, Potato and Ham Croquettes, and Fried Plantains. We made Cuban sandwiches last week.
We set froze about a pound and a 1/2 of the Cuban Pork Roast and shredded it for Cuban Pork Tamales this coming week.

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