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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you have a stat counter?

I have had a stat counter for some time. I check it periodically...especially when I'm thinking of kicking the blog habit. I look at the numbers and think, is it worthwhile to continue blogging? Are people actually reading my blog? Then I look at other stats, like "Popular Pages", "Came From" (cuz it's interesting to see how new peeps came upon my blog.), "Keyword Analysis" (cuz it's always fun to see what keywords brought peeps to my blog.), "Visit Length" (cuz I just returned to EntreCard and I'm wondering how many peeps are dropping and running and not staying to read.), and the last one, "Visitor Paths".

"Visitor Paths" is an interesting one. Here are the recent stats:
United Communications Systems - Chicago, IL
SBC Internet Services - Sugar Grove, IL
SBC Internet Services - Danville, IL
Phillippine Long Distance Telephone - Cebu, Cebu City, Phillippines
One Communications Corporation - Rochester, NY
Israeli Government Network - Tel Aviv, Israel
Vietnam Post And Telecommunications Corporation - Hanoi, Dac Lac, Vietnam
Vodaphone Australia Pty - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Ovh Sas - France
Wideopenwest - Royal Oak, MI
Road Runner - Schnectady, NY
Verizon Internet Services - Freehold, NJ
Comcast Cable - Woodbury, NJ
SBC Internet Services - Hollywood, CA
Embarq Corporation - Zebulon, NC
Pt. Wireless Indonesia - Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
SBC Internet Services - Chicago, IL
Three - London, United Kingdom
Costco Travel - Issaquah, WA
Enternet International Ltd - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Ok, so I get that all those SBC Internet Services are not all just coming from those cities. It has to do with where their internet service provider comes from. Often I will find that when a site lists where people came from it shows me as coming from Schaumburg, IL, even though I am nowhere near there, my internet service provider apparently is there.

Where are all these international peeps coming from and how are they finding me? Why is Israeli Government Network looking at my blog? I'm not spilling international government secrets here...or am I?

So do you have a stat counter? Do you obsess about the numbers? Do you drill down the categories and find some of this shyt fascinating?

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StaceyC4 said...

I do have a counter and I think a lot of my traffic comes through Entrecard because I am getting all kinds of international visitors and really, my life isn't that interesting! The counter came in handy when I found out that my dad's crazy wife was stalking me again recently. I was able to pretty much pinpoint that it was her and once I called her on it, indirectly, she went away.

For now...

meleah rebeccah said...

*So do you have a stat counter?

Yes, indeed.

*Do you obsess about the numbers?

Not at all. I never even check the thing!

*Do you drill down the categories and find some of this shyt fascinating?

No, but I think it's funny when other people do!

Lin said...

I just put one on this week, so I have been checking to see if I can figure out who is coming from where. It is interesting, but I can't see me following this for long periods of time. I like to see the google searches that bring them to me--they are so WEIRD!!!

I think I am one of those Chicago locations. I get the Sugar Grove one too--who is that?

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I do and it's interesting to me. I am mostly interested in making sure I'm not linked to weird sites (and I have been once or twice! It's good to know where your readers are coming from!)

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