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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time out...

Yes, I called a time out, just like my blog pally Lin did over at Duck and Wheel With String. You might is Lola doing calling a time out? She's unemployed for cryin' out loud!

I kind of felt that way, but I'm getting very overwhelmed. I am literally living, breathing 24/7 the job hunt and it was getting to me. I have rarely visited my blog pallies and I have not posted on my blog for days.

I am up daily at 6am or 6:30am and am on the computer either job hunting or doing online learning to update my skills. I am online until usually midnight. The only breaks I take are physically necessary (yes, job hunters have to use the bathroom too!) meals, interviews, appointments and grocery shopping. No one could ever accuse me of not trying. All I'm sayin'...

I went out with a friend to dinner Wednesday night. She remarked how I was literally jumping every time my phone rang.

Thursday I got a new phone. A phone I have been coveting a long time. I got a sweet deal on a local Only $50 for a used Blackberry Curve 8310. I totally heart this phone! And yes, I took a break on Thursday to learn how to use it and set up my email accounts on it. I've gotten quite a few emails to schedule interviews, so I feel the need to have immediate access to my email. When I get more proficient at using it, I can even apply for jobs using. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get Documents To Go to work, it's on my phone, but there is no icon on my screen. Once I figure that out, I can upload my resumes and a cover letter and apply directly from my phone. I've used Documents To Go before, when I had a Palm Pilot, so I know how to use it, it's just a matter of getting that silly icon on my screen. Anyway, the previous owner had the phone set to vibrate and emit a tone for every f'n email. I was literally jumping every minute. It was driving me crazy until I figured out how to shut that off for my email accounts where I don't get job alerts. As soon as I get a data cord I can get my calendar on my phone and I won't need to carry both my Blackberry and my Palm Pilot.

Saturday night was another break. A fellow unemployed friend and I took a break from job hunting (although we did discuss strategies) and had a Mexican fiesta. I made homemade fajitas and beans and rice. And...of course Margaritas! Arrriba! It was supposed to be a get drunk and let our cares and worries disappear. We ended up not getting drunk, but feeling no pain, which was hangover! We turned on the tv while I cooked and found that
happened to be on the channel that the kids left on. I remarked how ironic that was, considering. Yes...we should consider ourselves damn lucky we aren't homeless and sleeping in a train station bathroom. We also learned a few things about persistence in our job hunt. All in all, it was a great night. We are both energized and today are back on the job hunt.

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