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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camping...A day away...priceless

We had planned a Memorial Day getaway for the fam Camping in Galena.  With both kids in the hospital we were torn about going away at all.  We finally decided on two days, which turned into 1 day.

We arrived Friday afternoon.  Do you know how friggin hard it is to put together an 8 person tent with only 2 people?  So much easier with 4!  Oh...and did I mention we were putting it together in the rain?  Yup.

Of course we got it together and the rain stopped for awhile.  Then we started to put together the Ez-Up canopy I got for camping this year.
I read reviews that said 1 person could assemble it.  Maybe if you're this guy, you could do it by yourself:
It really does take 2 people. 

It was beautiful, we had an entire area to ourselves overlooking the Galena River.

Bad t-storms overnight with 15+mph winds.  We thought for sure the tent would either collapse or get picked up and taken away.  The morning was beautiful after the rain.

Shortly after we woke up we were an entire village. It was 8-10 cars filled with adults, tweens, teens, a toddler and a dog who apparently thought we were pretty cool cuz he kept coming over to our chairs under our canopy and parked himself and would not move.  The owner had to drag him, then pick him up because he just would not leave.  Each car had 2 tents or a tent and a screen tent or canopy.  So, yeah, it was a village.  It wasn't hard to decide what to do, we would have to get up at 6am Sunday to break down our campsite in order to visit the kids on Sunday.  So 2 days turned into 1.  But it was still relaxing and beautiful the time we spent there.

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Lin said...

That is exactly why I don't like camping anymore. Why does everyone have to camp with every single person they know?? On the same site??? Ugh.

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