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Saturday, May 19, 2012

More prayers please...

My daughter is still in the hospital...still waiting to get to that magical therapeutic dose we are all waiting for.  The medication the doctor chose is one that starts at a very low does and is increased very slowly.

My son is also now in the hospital.  His anxiety level reached to a level that he could not handle.  I was up over 24 hours, getting him evaluated in the local emergency room and then transferred to the same hospital his sister is at.  Because it is the weekend, of course not really anything is being done to help him, except for keeping him safe.  He has not slept, and is constantly worrying about his sister.  The proverbial straw who broke the camels back was an incident in school on Wednesday.  He was doing a Power Point presentation and that last slide included a photograph of his sister.  Some jackass in class yelled out "I know her, I knew her in junior high.  She died.".  Then another kid calls out "yeah, why do you keep talking about her as if she's alive, you're hallucinating."  I couldn't believe my ears when the school social worker told me.  How could anyone be so cruel, and how could 2 cruel jackasses be in the same class?

I am beyond heartbroken.  I can't even tell you how much I hurt to see both of my children in the hospital.

Right now I need the support of my friends.  I'm not getting it.  I have just released a friend from my roster, so to speak.  A friend that I have always been there for, a friend that I have always driven a great distance to see.  A friend who apparently has one person on her mind...herself.  It was too far for her to drive to see me tonight.  This was something that was planned all week, and when I asked if she could come a little bit later because something came up, she pulled the long drive, have to get up early for church thing on me.  This has been building for some time.  Everything is about her, what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, when she can fit me in to her "busy" schedule.  And when I say "busy" schedule, I mean, fit me in the schedule that includes her other friends AND her 'I have to spend time alone' days.  Well, now she either has 1 extra day to be alone, or maybe she can pick up a new friend to fill in the opening.

My son's blood pressure is sky high, even with the blood pressure medication they have been giving him in the hospital.  They are checking his pressure every hour.  During the allowed phone times he calls me, begging me to come get him and take him home.  I keep telling him I can't because his blood pressure is dangerously high.  I feel so bad for him.

No comments.  Really?  Everyone I know outside of the blog world has deserted me.  I know from past experience people get tired of hearing about your relative with a mental illness, but really?  No comments?

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restlessvagabond said...

i've never been to your blog before, but i enjoyed your Sunday Stealing answers so much i just kept reading down the page. It sounds like an awful time in your life - i hope some of your friends have stepped up to the plate in the last few weeks to help you.

hopeful thoughts from a complete stranger in Canada xo

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