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Saturday, November 3, 2012

a conversation with my doctor...

I have a new doctor I've been seeing for only a few month.  Like most doctors, she's concerned about her patients overall health.  One of her big kicks is trying to get me to stop smoking.  Now I don't smoke that much, usually less than half a pack a day, unless I'm going through a particularly stressful period.  I've told her this.  I've also told her that if I were to stop smoking I would gain weight and right now this is something I just cannot do.

My doctor continues the discussion briefly at each visit.  My last visit she asked why I smoke, what do I get out of it.  My reply was, obviously you've never been a smoker.  She told me I was right, but that her husband is a heavy smoker and she's always trying to get him to quit.  I told her what I get out of it is stress reduction.  My doctor says she eats when she's stressed.  SEE!


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