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Monday, November 5, 2012

3 things I'm thankful for...

 I'm thankful for many things, but the three I am most thankful for are:

My children
My girlfriend
My friends

I'm thankful for my children because they teach me patience, compassion and hope every day.  EVERY day!  Even though their illnesses can be quite taxing, there is a bright side.  Even when they are not doing well, I see glimmers of the way they were before the illness.  That gives me hope and teaches me to try to find a work around or alternative to what we have been doing.

My girlfriend sticks by me like glue.  Their illnesses were completely foreign to her, but she has adapted and even surprises herself at how well she is able to handle things, even in crisis.

My friends, who for the most part are supportive.  I do have to be wary of overloading them with the issues I deal with every day.  I pick and choose what I discuss with them.  I know how easily outsiders (people outside my immediate family) can get burnout from hearing about everything.

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Lin said...

You've got a lot to be thankful for, Lola! :)

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