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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Being difficult/resolved

I was really upset yesterday because the center doctor mucked up my plans. I wanted all my tests, medical appointments and classes in November. Yes, it booked me solid what with my spouse and my daughter’s PT, but I wanted to get all my stuff done in November so I could have a less stressful December. 

I have my PCP, 2 orthopedic doctors, center doctor, neurologist, pain doctor, dietician, and classes. I had it all neatly tied in a bow in November. 

Not anymore. I called the center, I put on my best Mom voice and spoke ever so politely, even though I was thinking, a 3 month check up is a 3 month check up until you make it 3 months and 2 weeks. It’s not like this is about a hangnail.

They would not change the MRI order. I was on my best behavior on the 2 phone calls to them. My spouse was uproariously laughing after each call, so there’s your proof. So now I’m booked in December for the MRI, and with the doctor at the center. I also rescheduled my neurologist appointment to see him before the center doctor so he can review my scans first. Special thanks to Colleen who squeezed me in. She rocks!

So, now I have to get ready all over again. And, bonus...I’m back to PT for my back. I see the other orthopedic doctor today about my shoulders, so there could be additions/modifications to the PT order.

My next posts will be non-medical. Promise! I have my blogaversary coming up.

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Lin said...

It's such a crazy time at all of the doctor's offices because everyone wants to get everything done prior to the end of the year. I'm glad you were nice and got things sorted out.

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