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Monday, January 12, 2009

99th Post/10,000th Visitor/Random Thoughts

This is my 99th post, and I have just surpassed the 10,000 visitor mark. Yeah! Thank you!


10,000 Visitor - In honor of that milestone I thought I would share with you how I’ve managed to get to that point.
I think the bulk of my traffic has come from Entrecard.
I get quite a lot of traffic from Blog Catalog.
I also have gotten some traffic from Queer Filter, which is basically a directory for glbt blogs.
I’ve also signed up for Blogerella. It doesn’t appear that many bloggers use Blogerella because I only have 1 person following me there and my ranking has virtually remained unchanged. If you haven’t yet signed up for Blogerella, please click on the Blogerella box on my website (it’s just below the Guest Check widget), set up an account and please put me in your favorites.
I also have been using Twitter, although I don’t really know if any traffic has organically come from Twitter. I actually haven't quite figured it out. Just know that if you do want to have your new posts automatically feed into Twitter, you'll want to sign up for Twitterfeed and set up that feed.
Another way of driving traffic to your site is to Comment on other blogs. Some blogs pull in your most recent post title give you the option to select a post to appear at the bottom of your comment. This is a perfect opportunity to gain new traffic. For blogs that don’t offer this, your blog name in the comment is clickable and re-directs to your blog when clicked.
If you haven't already become a regular at Lola's Diner, please click on "follow me" in the first widget on the right.

BLIZZARD WATCH 2009 - If you live in the Chicagoland area they are forecasting blizzard conditions. Ohhhh. Are you scared? Moreover are you tired of these highly overstated warnings? Are they going to announce school closings in our area tonight in anticipation, like they did for the last snow storm which was nothing like a storm at all?

Roland Burris
He is now our Senator Designee to be sworn in at some as yet announced date. How much you bet we find out later there was some funky business with this appointment?
UPDATE: Roland Burris may be sworn in as early as this Wednesday.
President Bush's farewell Press Conference
It was a snooze, wasn’t it? The only thing I got out of it is that he is a JERK. He mentioned the $350 million left of the bailout and he said that he would not help President Elect Obama get that $350 million unless President Elect Obama specifically asks him to help. The country is in dire straits and he can’t just do the right thing? WTF?
UPDATE: President Elect Obama phoned President Bush shortly after the Press Condference to request his assistance with the $350 million. Nice job President Elect Obama.
Golden Globe Awards
We watched the Golden Globes last night and were struck by the fact that the orchestra didn’t cut in on the looooong thank you speeches. Particularly Kate Winslet’s which was first and had to be the longest ever. Both of Kate Winslet’s speeches were the longest speeches ever.

I noticed something different, I think, or maybe I haven’t watched the Golden Globes in awhile. Didn’t they used to show brief clips of each of the nominees rather than describing each actor’s character?

We had our catty remarks on the various actresses. Who looks ancient (sorry Shirley Maclaine, who’s hairdresser hates her and put her hair in a blender (sorry Drew Barrymore) and who looks absolutely fabulous for approaching 60 (Sigourney Weaver, going to be 60 in October, wow! That’s a MILF.)

Tina Fey rocks!
100th Post to follow, topic not as yet determined. Thanks for stopping by!

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Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Well, in defense of Bush (there's a sentence I don't say every day!), to me it sounded like he was saying, "whatever Obama needs, I'll do it. I don't want to do anything wrong." Too bad he couldn't go with that plan for the LAST 8 YEARS. What really got me though is that he still didn't think he did anything wrong (or the federal government) in regards to Katrina. Either the man is delusional or a huge asshole. Just one more week...

I am Harriet said...

Lola-I was worried about you over the past few days. Glad to see that you're back :)

We have no snow in C/U but, the windchill is dropping fast.

Lola said...

Unlikely Oilfield Wife,

Some of the stuff he said at that press conference was just unbelievable. His continued display of his ignorance amazes me. I had to get up and walk away from the tv, I couldn't watch it anymore.

Thank you for your concern. I spent a lot of time writing and editing my 100th post.

We did have several inches of snow last night, but nothing like they were forecasting. The dejected look on my son's face as he walked to the bus was priceless. I can't tell you how many times last night he said "snow day".

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