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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi My Name I Lola and I’m A Computer Addict

Well, that’s what my family thinks. To be more accurate, I should have typed “Hi, my name is Lola and I’m an Entrecard addict.”
My family is of the opinion that I am doing all sorts of nefarious things online. My son jokes that I am looking for a new partner on (Note that I have not made their site linkable.) Ahem, son, eharmony is for straight people, no gays allowed. Not funny!
So what am I doing on the computer? I’m dropping Entrecards and creating posts for my blog. Why do they make it so darn time consuming? My goal is to get into the top 3 slots for the Lifestyle Category. I’m in the top 7. I don’t have far to go. What’s my goal after that? I have no idea. I just know that I want to be in the top 3, just once.
If you’re using Entrecard and you’re interested in helping bring about peace and harmony in my household, please consider purchasing an advertisement on my blog and help me reach my goal. If you can help me out with my goal, I would very much appreciate it.
Nothing nefarious going on, I assure everyone. You'll often see my posts go up late at night. I’m up late because I have insomnia. I have a lot weighing on my mind. Finances being number one at the moment.
Yes, this is a shameless ploy to get you to advertise on my blog, but I'm hoping if I successfully meet my goal of being in the top 3 in the Lifestyle Category it will start a chain reaction of other successes. Goodness knows I could use some. Thank you!

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anne said...

I have done my share :).

Lola said...


Thank you so much. I'd place an ad with you, but I've already got an ad in your queue for the 21st. Thank you!

Karen said...

I'd love to advertise on your site but I don't have enough credits yet. I'll keep trying and I'll keep dropping here to. Good Luck!

melissan said...

I am accused of the same nefarious activities....mwhahahahahahahha...yeah, right, if only I was so interesting.

Lola said...


It's the thought that counts. Thank you!


Exactly! Thank you for the ad. I actually already have an ad in your queue for tomorrow. Thank you!

I am Harriet said...

Hi Lola.
You know what- nobody gets hurt, you don't get fat, you can't go broke doing it. By golly, you go girl! Keep on dropping!

Babette said...

Your blog is too expensive for me or I'm just and ntrecard cheapskate. LOL I'll just keep on dropping. :o)

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