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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Bailout?/Everybody Hurts

I thought this was a joke, until I saw it on Flynt, Francis Want $5 Billion Porn Bailout. Larry Flynt said that Congress must "rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America." Really? I don't know about you, but I'm doing just fine in that department. Are they for real? This is absolutely outrageous. Are they serious? You know what? It's Larry Flynt and Joe Francis, I'm betting they are serious because they're just arrogant enough to try something like this.

If they think this "stunt" is going to sell more XXX DVD's they are in for a rude awakening. For their customers, if it's a choice between food and one of their DVD's, I'm betting food wins.

The economy is hurting their businesses. Awww. Really? To quote REM, EVERYBODY HURTS.

(Just an aside, what is with Michael Stipes' eyebrows in this video?)

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Jane Doe said... have got to be kidding me. Arrogance doesn't even begin to describe it!

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