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Friday, January 9, 2009

The House Has Approved Impeachment

House Votes To Impeach Blagojevich
All but 1 representative voted for impeachment (114 to 1). He now must face a trial in the Senate which will begin January 25th. So this is still not yet over.

Dear Mr. Blagojevech,

It takes only 60 votes to approve impeachment. The House voted 117 to 1 to approve impeachment. Stop wasting the states time and resources. You cannot stop the inevitable. You need to step down now so the state can get back to business.

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Shauni said...

good old governor bla sonofabitch.. seriously this man is just an embarrassment. but sadly some of the blame must go to the voters of Illinois. This is the man who thought it was appropriate to spend state funds on a private jet to fly back and forth from Chicago to Springfield rather than live in the governors mansion, so his 7 year old daughter wouldn't have to change schools. and yet we voted for him a second time.

sighs there are many more examples the man is pure sleeze

Lola said...


What gets me about the using the private jet, the issue was brought up, people complained about it, but then in the end, NOTHING happened.

On talk radio this afternoon they were actually saying that perhaps Blagojevich was stalling resigning because of monetary reasons. That he couldn't afford to lose his job. Hellloooo! So it would be better to spend what money you do have on attorneys to fight a battle that you truly have no chance of winning?

He's just such a cocky sob. It's like he's enjoying all of this and feeding off of it.

It really makes me sick to think that I voted for him. I really thought he was a Mr. Clean, a reformer, someone who was going to get the job done that needed to be done, and instead, he's just a part of the Chicago Machine.

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