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Sunday, January 18, 2009


You can watch it on FANCAST.
They are showing the first episode of Season 6, before it airs. They do have commercials for Showtime ads and bleep swear words, but so what! How cools is that? I'm going back to watching it now.

UPDATE: The version shown on Fancast is basically the sanitized version. No swear words, no naughty bits showing and no heat. (I think you know what I mean.) It was like watching The L Word on Logo Channel. (Which I'm not knocking.)

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melissan said...

It wasn't that exciting last night, even on the uncensored Showtime. Although I love the L Word, I see why they are winding down this season. Let's write our own show! A show with lesbians who actually look like lesbians I know and who have real problems like foster children and wife who is miserable with pregnancy.

atorturedsoul said...

I love L Word! I'm trying to figure out who killed Jenny and why.

Thanks so much for hosting the banner!

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