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Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogger Follower Issue-???

Has anyone else using Blogger seen a noticeable drop in followers overnight? I had 76 followers when I shut down my computer at 3am.

When I turned it on around 11am I had 66.

I took a moment or two to review my followers and when I went back to my home page and I had only 57. From 66 to 57 in less than 2 minutes!

When I clicked on Manage Followers it says I have only 22.

Then a moment later when I clicked on it again it said I had 21.

I'm thinking, how could I have possibly offended that many people in such a short span of time? If anyone else has seen this happen today on their own blog, please comment and let me know.

Below is pasted a response I found on Blogger. I also had the same response post in my Twitter. It doesn't appear that we're going to see this fixed any time soon and it really seems rather silly that they can't make those followers public especially since they were public before. Hello! Supposedly, Supposedly the number of your followers hasn't changed, you just can't see them. I don't know about you, but I believe in seeing is believing!

I haven't been able to find anything on a launch date for the Google Friend Connect/Blogger Integration. If anyone knows, please post in the comments.

1. Blogger Employee Google employee
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More options Feb 23, 1:08 pm
Hey folks,

You may have noticed the number of your public Followers has decreased over the last few hours. We are in the process of integrating with Friend Connect.

There is small set of users that already use both Blogger Following and Friend Connect. To avoid linking the profiles of Blogger and Friend Connect users without their permission, we have set these users to "anonymous". They are still following privately and will able to make themselves public again.

With the official launch of the Friend Connect integration, we will communicate with the affected users to encourage them to reset their relationship to public. To reiterate, the number of Followers has not changed, and we believe that the launch will improve the visibility of
your blog and community. We will post more details on Blogger Buzz and here as the launch approaches.

Thanks for your patience,

The Blogger Team

Lola's Diner


Melissa1143 said...

While I'm looking at it, it says you have 57. I only have 12, but I did suddenly just lose one. I thought it was just me! Maybe there is something in the system?

Kadi said...

YES!!! I even posted a threat to kill whoever is doing it! I lost a crap load today within hours!!!!

Lidian said...

Same here, I lost a lot on both blogs. I thought at first that my posts were extra bad for Monday! :)

Lin said...

I like your reaction ("who did I offend?") because that's exactly what I was thinking! Whew! I'm glad it's not me.....again.

Michelle said...

OH MY GOSH, I can't thank you enough! I was wondering who I had offended, or why they were bored with me! haha! thanks!!!!

Michaela said...

I only have a small number of followers, but I noticed a drop too. I did notice that the follower that I lost dropped all of the blogs she was following, that only made me feel slightly better, but I still curious as to why she left because she was one of my first followers.

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