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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Are Your Fat Tuesday Plans?

Being that frugalness (is that a word, cause spell check is underlining it?) has us eating at home all the time I like an excuse to change things up. Since we can't go to New Orleans, New Orleans is coming to us.

I stopped at the store yesterday to get a treat for breakfast (Raspberry Paczki's) and the rest of the ingredients I needed for dinner. Chicken and Okra Gumbo. Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste of Home.
Our son wanted to know if we are going to do anything else for Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras. I asked him what he meant. He wanted to know if we were going to get beads. Anastasia and I looked at each other, exchanged smirks and we both said no. Lol!

I used Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts to make it easier and a small can of Chicken Broth since cooking the chicken didn't really yield a broth. I also used only 2 onions and that was plenty. Next time only 1/2 a large green pepper, as it was a little too much. We were 3 for dinner tonight and all 3 of us really liked it. The kids kept asking where the shrimp was. My son upped the hot sauce to at least double the recipe amount. I liked it, but it may be a bit to spicy for Anastasia.
What are you doing to celebrate Fat Tuesday?

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Lin said...

Paczkis!!! Got mine too! I love how people don't know what they are. Gees.

Lola said...

I actually never knew what they were until I moved to Chicago. Growing up in Wisconsin I had never heard of them. And by the way, the Chicken and Okra Gumbo is on and I just had a taste and it's fantastic. Can't wait until the rice is done so I can serve it.

Nana said...

Sounds good, especially since I am sitting home w/ a big fat cold on
Fat Tuesday.

Ms. O. D. said...

I've never heard of fat tuesday, but tonight I had a nice dinner at a Columbian restaurant, too much food but very delicious!

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