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Friday, February 27, 2009

Breast Feeding WHILE Driving

Ok, I'll admit it, I have pretty much been lurking, not really posting anything of substance the last few days. I'm a bit depressed. I'm literally counting the minutes until I get my monthly check next week. I hate when life happens and the money doesn't quite make it till the next check.

But then life throws me a funny and all is right with the world!

Have you seen this?

Dayton Mother Caught Breastfeeding And Driving. And not only was she Breast Feeding AND Driving, she was on a Cellphone!

What the hell was this woman thinking? She was driving her older children to school while breast feeding and talking on a cellphone. Wow! I've been busy before, but I guess never this busy. I've never attempted this triple threat before.

Three things come to mind:
1. Damn! That baby must have been hungry.
2. Damn! Mommie's anatomy must be quite unusual to accomodate breast feeding a child in a car seat while driving!
3. Damn! That cellphone call must have been really important!
Ok, I'm all good now!

Didn't this mother ever stop to think 'baby not in a car seat, not a good idea'? When I had my oldest I had a 2 door SUV. Ever try to heft a car seat into the back seat of a 2 door SUV? (When you're a plus size lady?) Ain't easy. Did I ever ONCE not buckle my babies in? Hell no! Even if I was driving to daycare less than 2 blocks away, my kids were always buckled in. Safety first!

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liza said...

Hi Lola! OMG! How can she ever do that to her kids. She should be the first person thinking about her kids' safety!

Btw, you have been awarded. You can grab the award here.

Hope you're having a great weekend. :D

I am Harriet said...


Babette said...

Some people are just plain stupid and shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Patricia said...

Well, at least she wasn't putting on make-up too!

dhoyM said...

Wow! I think she's trying to prove to the whole universe what multitasking is all about.

Lin said...

And what do you bet she goes with the "What do you have against breastfeeding?" defense in court?

ModernMommy said...

Seriously? Your baby was so hungry that you had to risk her life to feed her? Seriously?

Stephanie said...

Good Lord, insane! Can you imagine what the wheel would have done to that baby if they'd had an accident? Or the airbag? Mind-boggling!

Lola said...

@ Liza - I must agree, safety first. Thank you so much for the award. I appreciate it so much!

@ Harriet - Duh indeed!

@ Babette - You got that right. A certain mother of 14 also comes to mind, don't you think?

@ Patricia - I hadn't thought of that. Picture her putting on mascara while driving, breast feeding and talking on the cell phone.

@ dhoym - Seriously, I think they just changed the dictionary and put her picture under multi-tasking. No further definition necessary.

@ Lin - I bet you're right.

@ Modern Mommy - Yeah right! Couldn't she have stuck a pacifier in the baby's mouth until she got SAFELY to her destination?

@ Stephanie - Thank goodness she didn't get into an accident. I don't want to even think of the injuries.

ImakehairROCK4u2 said...

wow, I live in Springfield and I totally missed that arrest! And we all thought Britany was a bad mom!

melissan said...

She'd have to have a hose for a breast to make this one work!

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