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Monday, February 9, 2009

My OTHER Daughter

Yesterday we had AT&T at the house because our land line phone wasn't working. No dial tone and if we try to call our land line we got a busy signal. This happened before, but they were able to fix it without bothering us.

Anastasia had to leave to do her caregiver gig and ran into the tech on the way out. The tech came to the front door and asked me to disconnect every phone and the desktop computer. I did so. Then he came to the back door and said that "my 'other daughter', the redhead, said to talk to you." He said he found a short in a line to the garage. He disconnected it and had me plug everything back in and try the desktop computer.

"Other daughter"? WTF? I've had people refer to Anastasia as my 'sister', but "other daughter"? Normally I correct everyone, 'no, she's my partner', but I was completely stunned. I was speachless! Anastasia is 5 years my junior. (Yes, I got me a young redhead!) How could anyone make the mistake of calling Anastasia my "other daughter"? Wow, I know I have a few gray hairs. Ok, more than a few, but not that much! And I know I may walk a bit hunched over because of my back issues, but I'm not the only 47 year old with back problems. Come on people help me out here! WTF?

Wow, if I wasn't depressed before, I sure am now. "Other daughter"?

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Anne said...

You have to look at it positively. Obviously, you have gotten yourself a young hottie :).

Seriously, people are just not that bright. Don't take it the wrong way. He obviously didn't even pay attention and just assumed she was your daughter because she lives with you.

Raven said...

Oh, I feel for ya. My youngest daughter just told me the other day that I'm old!! I'm not even 40 yet!


Melissan said...

Hahaha...Kari and I went to get a haircut one day...she asked the person at the counter how much it would cost. The woman said, "20 for you, 10 for your son" Nice. Not only was I her child, but her son to boot.
my word verification is, I kid you not, buchy

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