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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Can I say how much I despise these HD converters? It’s like watching Directv in a thunderstorm. All the time! They pixilate and lose the signal constantly. I don’t know about you, but satellite and cable television are out of my budget. Besides, they are the ones we have to thank for this HD switch. They lobbied Congress for it, no doubt to gain subscribers. Don’t believe me, read Directv Lobbied Over 1 Million USD On Digital TV Switch. And while I’m ranting about that, why can’t I freakin watch Channel 2. It is a local channel in Chicago.

I figured out part of my son’s eating binges. The lunch police at school called me Tuesday to inform me that he hasn’t eaten the school lunch all this month because he didn’t turn in his lunch form. Hmm, perhaps that explains the 4 peanut butter sandwiches after school? I talked to them and they will serve him the rest of the month, but he will not get his choice. I also made sure he turned in the April form. Wednesday afternoon I asked him to make me a peanut butter sandwich because I forgot to eat lunch and was hungry. He did, but it was crustless. I don’t do crustless. When I asked him why he removed the crust, he said it was because he was hungry and he ate it!

Why didn’t I download Entrebar before Tuesday night? It saves so much time. What was I thinking? I drop on Lola's Diner and on Anastasia’s Fire Crotch Rocket and I can get both done and still read a lot of blogs in less time than it took for me to just handle Lola's Diner's drops and reads. I will soon be dropping on my new blog, to be announced soon. One of my stalkers (who shall remain nameless because I don't want to embarrass them) discovered it, but I won’t be launching until closer to the end of March.

Valerie Bertinelli is hot. But she's always been hot, no matter the extra pounds. Sadly, I think she's going to go the way of Kirstey Alley. She is sooo going to be sorry she did the bikini photo shoot because the rags are going to hound her when she gains back the weight.

Olympic Committee Visit: Chicago Police Union May Picket During IOC Visit. Isn't that special? As if Chicago isn't already an embarrassment what with the Blagojevich business. Let's cause more embarrassment for our city and state.

Speaking of the embarrassment with the Blagojevich business, Sun Times Michael Sneed writes that Blagojevich may be getting his own reality show. Blago Focuses On Own Tv Show.
My questions is, whose reality? His? Or ours? Rimshot!
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OldWestMom said...

Hey, if Geraldo can do it, why not Blagojevich?

Wow...we have LOTS to look forward to for our fall TV watching. Nadya Suleman, Blagojevich...who next?

Lin said...

I read Valerie B's book and it sucked--she was telling stories and saying how much she weighed at every single point in her life. Who the hell can remember that? And why? It was bizarre to say the least. I'm glad she feels good, but I don't really care to see her everywhere now. She wasn't all that back then either. Beats Octumom updates though.

john said...

lol..seeing Blagojevich on a talk show, is like looking at a train wreck, you just have to look. I love valerie to and i couldnt agree more. I hope she doesnt get heavy again, that would be the worse. the pappirazzi are waiting by her front door just waiting for her to gain a pound now.

Rick said...

I like your blog, think it is great, and you have just been featured on Blazing Hot Blogs!
Have a wonderful day!
Now how's THAT for a comment?

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