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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Do You Think Of Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I had to laugh when I read a comment on Lilaphase's post I Fart In Your General Direction.... The Comment was from Margo at Life In The Short Lane. The post was about the play, Spamalot. The Comment was "I love Spamalot and have decided it's a pretty good gauge on how uptight people are or are not to the degree that they did or didn't like it." It may be today's gauge, but I believe that Rocky Horror Picture Show is a the ultimate gauge on how uptight people are or are not based on the degree they liked it or not.

Have you seen Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Or should I say, have you 'experienced' Rocky Horror Picture Show? For those unfamiliar, here is the Plot Summary.

The audience of the Rocky Horror Picture Show does not just sit quietly and politely watch the show. They are part of the show. There is a heck of a lot of audience participation. Check out this audience participation script.

If you've never been, it's quite an experience. I remember the first time I went, I was a bit shocked. It was at the gorgeous Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee. They've been showing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Oriental Theatre since 1978. In fact, it's still showing there the second Saturday of every month. People were dressed up in full Rocky Horror attire. Men in fishnet stockings. Buff and not so buff men in what can only be described as gold speedos. It was a sight. The show starts, people yell back at the screen, throw toast, dance in the aisles. It's wild. If you've never been, check out your local movie theater listings for late night showings on the weekend.

For the uninitiated it can be quite shocking. I had an Aunt whose co-workers talked about the movie all the time and she kept saying how she wanted to go. I don't know why I did it, but I did. I volunteered to take her. All I have to say is, if you ever want to alienate an elder relative, be sure to take them to Rocky Horror Picture Show! My Aunt did not say a word after the show. Not a single word the whole ride from the East Side of Milwaukee to her home in Bay View. In fact she never said much to me for the longest time after that. But hey, she INSISTED she wanted to go, right?

On another occasion, I brought another uninitiated person who insisted I take them. This was my very straight-laced, Christian, conservative, goody two shoes bff. (Not that there is anything wrong with very straight-laced, Christian, conservative, goody two shoes. I'm just trying to paint a picture for you of how virginal and naive she was.) I still wonder how she didn't get up and walk out of the movie. I think perhaps she was paralyzed from shock.

If you're thinking, gee, this sounds interesting, why don't I rent this? Umm, don't. You need the theater experience. It's just not the same at home.

It's fun, it's campy, it's a celebration! You just won't get the over all feel in your own living room...Unless you invite over 20 of your bff's and have them dress in formal Rocky Horror Picture Show attire. Just be sure to tell them to bring their own toast.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I have never seen it.

Lin said...

It is definitely something to be "experienced" and not just watched! I can't imagine watching it on the sofa without all the fun going on around it. I've done it twice--and each time is so different from the last. How much fun it is depends on your crowd. I had a blast both times!

Auntie E said...

I remember standing in a long line when it first came out, waiting to get in to the theater. Of course it was a late showing. People were crazy. They dressed up as characters in the show. We screamed and yelled out during the movie. I believe it was the first interactive movie of its' time. Everyone was talking about it. It played only after 10pm and had midnight Showings. Was always packed. It was a hoot. Perhaps I'll have to take my daughter. maybe even my hubby would go again??? after all is was a date we were on the first time.

Jo said...

I have experienced the show in all it's glory complete with costume! Of course, that was decades ago when I looked pretty hot in a french maid costume! LOL! My son has never experienced the show but owns the DVD and loves it!

Patricia Rockwell said...

I have not personally seen RHPS but my daughter has and loves it. Coming from a theater background, I am all for audience participation and wish there was more of it available in other genres that might appeal to your straight-laced friend.

Jen said...

I loved the whole Rocky Horror experience. Something that everyone should be a part of at least once. They still show it at the midnight show here. My son has gone to it a couple of times.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I used to love going to see the RHPS!! When they closed the theater down who was doing it every Saturday night when I was in college, I cried. *sniff sniff* I haven't found any out here that do it, either.

Kristen said...

Ah yes. I remember my first time. I was asked if I was a virgin..I said hell no (I lied). Then they quizzed me to verify I had been there before! Thank god I passed! They made the virgins get on stage and umm...they made the girl stand behind they guys (who pretended they were limp little men). The girls had to stroke them (the guys torso) until they stood fully erect. Then it was the girls' turn to get devirginized. They had to fake the big "O" on stage! Still loved it!

Kristen said...

Oh. Your the first person I have seen with "sezwho" so I gave you some love. I still don't know how it works.

Cher said...

Great now I have the soundtrack cd stuck in my head! Every song is rambling in there! I love it! I have yet to see it live as I have never had anyone that would go with me!

Lola said...

@ Blueviolet - Oh you must see it!

@ Lin - I think I've gone 5 times. Three times with newbies. It's the most fun when you bring a newbie. Lol!

@ Auntie E - In Milwaukee where I grew up it was always midnight shows. I think they show it at the Hollywood Blvd Theater/Dinner at midnight, but I'd have to check on that. I know they did when we went there to experience their restaurant/theater before we moved.

@ Jo - Oh, you HAVE to have pictures and you MUST share!

@ Patricia - It's really surprising that someone hasn't attempted to duplicate the concept, because you know that movie is making money hand over fist and them some.

@ Jen - Definitely a must see.

@ Storm - They don't do it out where I live either, we'd have to drive quite a ways.

@ Kristen - Oh that goodness no one ever asked if my Aunt and bff were virgins, they would have had to call the paramedics or something!

@ Kristen - I just found out SezWho is dead. After 3/31/09 it won't work anymore. Entrecard is now touting JS-Kit. Thank you for the thought.

@ Cher - Oh, no need to thank me! Why would you have the soundtrack in your head if you never saw it? I'd go again.

A Valdese Blogger said...

Yep, I love Rocky Horror!

Dina said...

are you kidding i used to go all the time..nothing like seeing it in manhattan

Margo said...

Such a spaz, sometimes. I totally missed reading this post last week. Thanks for the shout out! The RHPS is another great touchstone for uptightness :)

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