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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Birthday

So I drop my daughter off at the bowling alley for "the" event. My daughter had told me that they were probably going to have dinner with her brother after the event, so hint, hint, I would have to drop off my son at the restaurant. Well thank goodness I didn't make my son sit around for that phone call never came!

Anastasia and I took our son to the driving range, where he actually did quite well for not picking up a club since the fall. Anastasia however, completely rocked the range. I got her a Nike Sumo 5000 driver for Christmas. (A slightly used one, cause those puppies go for $499 new, not at all my price range.) If you are a golfer, you need to get one of these because she could not make a bad shot. Every shot was straight on and the distance was amazing. She's a good golfer, but this club is going to make her smokin' hot!

Afterward I encouraged our son to call a friend and make plans for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Thankfully his best buddy invited him over to play video games otherwise the poor kid would have sat home waiting for that call to go to dinner that didn't come.

My daughter called me at 6pm (while I was in the middle of grocery shopping) to come get her asap. Well, ok, I guess I'm done shopping. I went to pick her up and her 4 gift bags chocked full of loot, plus leftover cake. Needless to say when our son saw all the loot he was jealous. (My son did not get near anywhere that much loot from his dad for his birthday in December.) I was jealous too. I can't compete with that when the jackass loser is not paying child support and reimbursing me for the children's expenses as he is supposed to. I was angry. Our son got all moody and uncooperative. If there is any consolation, we will likely have to return the clothing he and his girlfriend bought. He never buys the correct size.

You know when your partner knows you like the back of her hand when she insists that you buy "Twilight" the movie and you tell her no, you're going to buy the cargo shorts our daughter wanted that she didn't get from her Aunt, some golf stuff, and a teen magazine. Anastasia kept insisting I just get the movie. No, that's not how I roll. I saw our daughter when she opened my sister's gift and she was disappointed because she wanted those shorts for golf this summer. I couldn't afford to buy what I planned on, plus the movie. Anastasia still insisted, then went off to her caregiver gig, while I went to shop. I bought what I said I was going to. Anastasia came home guessed it, "Twilight" the movie. I asked her what if I bought one and she gave me 'the look'. She knew I wasn't going to buy the movie. Lol!

Oh, and can I say how much the Jewel Osco Bakery '4 way' cakes rock? It is a regular size cake consisting of 4 big slices of 4 different kinds of cake. Simply white, chocolate chocolate, German Chocolate and carrot cake. Everyone gets what they want, everyone is happy and best of all, Mom doesn't have to bake.

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I am Harriet said...

Trade you some pistachios for a slice of cake....

Don't invite the J.A. to the party next year HA!

Staci said...

At least your ex remembered your daughter's birthday. Last year, my father, and I use that term loosely, forgot mine, even though it was only 3 days before his own and 4 before Valentine's Day. Bet you anything he didn't forget to buy the newest Step Skank something for Valentine's. (he's a serial marrier). This year he remembered, but all I got was a check in the mail that was just enough to buy me a big bag of dog food and a combo meal. So that's what I got for my birthday--dog food and McDonald's. Yea, me.

For what it's worth, he used to do the same thing to my mom that your ex does to you--never pay child support then try to act like the big spender on birthdays and Christmas. Of course, when he did, he never got us what we actually wanted and the clothes were always too big, too little, or something we wouldn't be caught dead in. We usually had to take it all back, too.

Stephanie B said...

It's not an unusual story. Sadly.

Lola said...

@ Harriet - Too bad you can't email me some of those pistachios and I could email you back some cake. When I was grocery shopping yesterday I headed back towards produce to see if they had pistachios (odd, but that's where they are, they are not by the nuts, like Planters) I got the call from my daughter to pick her up. After I got off the phone I forgot about the pistachios. Grrrr.

I didn't invite him. He planned the party and there was no way I was going to attend.

@ Staci - Sorry to hear about your father. I just wish my ex-husband would move to CA like he talks about when he gets sick. Then I wouldn't have to worry about his crap.

@ Stephanie B - True.

Anonymous said...

I find it nearly impossible to keep it balanced with gifts too, primarily because of their interests. One of them is naturlaly into something that's way more expensive so they get fewer gifts or just the one thing.

I don't golf but I can appreciate that driver because my husband does and he got a second hand set of Pings so I know how much these things can cost!

Staci said...

Hi, Lola. Me again. I didn't know where to leave this, so hopefully you're still following your comments on this post. Anyway, I've nominated you for a Zombie Chicken Award. (It's a good thing, really.) It's up on my blog now.

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