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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top 10 Things About Election Day (Yesterday)

10. Election day is suburban people watching at it's finest.

9. Judges - Mr. & Mrs. B - Republicans. They are a married senior couple. They are grandparents and talk about their children and grandchildren a lot. Did I say a lot?

8. Judge - Mrs. H. - Democrat - Age late 40's early 50's, about to become a grandmother for the first time.

7. WAG Dude - Republican, senior, grandparent, Walgreens part time employee (hence the WAG reference) and former war hero. Constantly telling war stories and vacation stories. Did I say constantly? (One would think he was a key stockholder in Walgreens.) Besides the war stories and vacation stories the only other thing he talks about is Walgreens. Ok, I should cut him some slack this time. He did give me 2 WAG Friends & Family Discount Coupons. I guess that should just about cover his debt to me for all the WAG talk yesterday.

6. Me - Well you know me and you can clearly see I am the youngest judge at this precinct and I am clearly the odd one out.

5. The Republican Committeeman for our precinct regaled us with the story of his run in with our Mayor. Apparently our Mayor didn't like the mass mailing said committeeman did and proceeded to have his minions do a mass mailing with personal attacks on the committeeman's family. Said committeeman is now plotting his revenge for the upcoming Mayoral election .......... 2 years away. Way to escalate the situation!

4. WAG Dude whistles. Have I ever said how much I hate random whistling?

3. Election day is "Catch Up On Village Gossip Day". I found out that the guy 2 streets over from us that Anastasia and I buy used golf balls (henceforth referred to as "Golf Ball Dude") from was arrested for allegedly killing a guy in September 2008. Apparently he went to a local business, had words with the employees, went home, got a gun, went back to the business and when he was told to leave by an employee (because of his extreme drunkenness) the Golf Ball Dude shot him in the chest, killing him. Mrs. B is bff's with the victim's mother. Whoa!

2. Voter Turnout betting. Each election day, the 5 judges in the precinct I work at bet a buck on how many voters will turn out. All day long (and believe me the days are very long, 5am to 8pm, and they feel even longer when turnout is low) all day long we amuse ourselves with the voter turnout bet. Last night was extremely close. We do the "Price Is Right" method (closest without going over.) WAG Dude kept teasing Mrs. H. because at one point she needed 4 more voters to win. Then 3. Then 2. Then 1. Then the we closed the polls...she lost!

1. I won! Again! My first couple of elections I wildly guessed numbers. Now I have a system. This time I won by 1 voter! Woo Hoo! Victory is sweet! Ok, I shouldn't get so excited, it's only $5 bucks. But that is $4 bucks more than I started with! I plan on investing my booty in lottery tickets. I'm hoping the MegaMillions rolled over Tuesday night.

**I wrote this quite early this morning.
I think I may not have been very clear.
I did not run for office.
Sorry peeps, that would have been really cool though.)
I won our the voter turnout bet amongst the judges in the precinct where I volunteer.
Yeah, I celebrate the little things.**

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I am Harriet said...

Politics as usual..... :)

Da Old Man said...

Did you win the election or only the vote count?

Eithe way, congrats.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Ooo! If you were running in my district, I might have actually voted! You need to tell your blogger buddies when you are up for re-election so we can spread the word.

I am Harriet said...

Lola- Check out my Wordless Wednesday post.

Lin said...

Too bad you didn't run for office--like Governor of Illinois--I would have voted for you! Good to know that it isn't just me who people watch at such events--it always makes for a good post or two. I always love how protective the election judges are over their donuts. Just for yuks, I used to walk the kids over to the donut table and say really loud "yum, DONUTS!" and act like I wanted one. Oh, they'd get their undies in a bunch and yell "Those aren't for YOU!" like I was stealing gold!! Aren't you a little young for the Election Judge job?

Lola said...

@ Lin - Anastasia said she was thinking of running for something. I think she may have been joking. If not, I know who her campaign manager will be! Yes, we election judges are very protective of our donuts. So much so, that we keep ours in the church kitchen so that the voting peeps can't get into them. Hehehehehehehehee!

Yes, I'm the baby judge. Hey, that would make a good cartoon, I'll have to talk to my son about drawing one for me. Lol!

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