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Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday - Good Deed

Today we ran around doing errands most of the day. We went to Walmart in Lockport for Easter gifts. Since the kids are older and since my daughter doesn't need tons of sugar to mess up her seratonin/dopamine levels we do just a little candy and then a couple of gifts. Anastasia also wanted to get flower seeds and seed starting trays. So this year, flowers will be her department and fruits and vegetables will be mine.

After Walmart we went to Barnes & Noble. As usual, I spent my gift card on the kids. I guess that's what Moms do, sacrifice. Lol! I got my daughter the DVD that she has been buggin the snot out of me for and I got my son a double DVD concert of his all time favorite group.

Then it was off to Sears to finally get my son's reading glasses adjusted. I know it's futile, but I at least try to make the effort. Lol! That kid can have his glasses askew 5 minutes after he puts them on.

After exiting Sears we got in the car. There was a car across from us picking up a woman and it pulled away quickly. Just as I was about to leave I noticed a purse on the pavement. We waited to see if maybe it belonged to the woman that got in the car, maybe they would circle around and come back to look for it, but they didn't. Since it was Friday afternoon, not a school day and the Orland Square Mall was filled with kids, I told my daughter to retrieve the purse. I peeked in the wallet just long enough to find identification and saw a drivers license. Then I debated, should I deliver the purse on my way home? It wouldn't be out of my way, but I didn't want to freak out the woman, nor did I want to drive over there and find no one home. Since the Orland Park Police Department was just a block away, I opted for that. The officer looked at me like I was from another planet. She asked if there was identification and I took it out. She then searched her computer for a phone number, not finding one, she called the village where the owner of the purse lived and got a phone number, called the number, got voice mail and left a message. The officer then asked for my identification and then came out from behind the wall of glass and got the purse.

I'm hoping the owner of the purse was the woman that was picked up and that it wasn't stolen and dumped there. I didn't even look in the purse, except for the wallet. There were still credit cards in the wallet, but I didn't see cash, but then I just looked in it long enough until I found the drivers license. Maybe she's like me, I rarely carry cash anymore. Hopefully the owner will be quickly reunited with her purse.

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Shelli (wishes she was) Mrs. Burchett;) said...

It's refreshing to know that there are still honest people in the world!

Jena Isle said...

That's indeed a good deed. The world is a more pleasant world to live in with people like you. Happy Easter.

Lin said...

Hooray! I love how helpful (?) the police are. It was good that you went to them rather than driving the thing home--I would not have thought about the "stolen" aspect. Funny you were at Orland--we are there all the time!

I am Harriet said...

Wow. What a bazaar story.
You certainly did the right thing.

Anissa said...

What a great deed! Thanks for sharing -- Now we are off to an Easter Egg Hunt! At least trying to!

Lotta said...

It doesn't surprise me. I knew you were super nice and generous!

MAC said...

First I want to say that it's great to find an honest person. Most people would have just kept the purse. God Bless You.
Next I want to tell you about Easter when my kids were young. On Saturday we went to a friends and ended up staying the night. My 3 kids Easter baskets were at home so I went out looking for something for Easter morning. I spotted the perfect gift. Kites! We even went after Church and flew them. They loved it! So every year after that they had to have kites for Easter. And my 2 girls have carried that tradition on into their own children's Easter.

Lola said...

@ Shelli, Jena Isle, Harriet, Anissa, Lotta - It's just the right thing to do.

@ Lin - We go to Orland all the time. I can't stand the mall in Joliet. I think I end up going to the mall in Joliet once a year and that's only because one of my kids gets a gift certificate for a store that they have in Joliet, but not in Orland.

@ Mac - When my kids were younger I did get them kites one year. My son still enjoys kites, even though he's 14, but his attention span is about 5 minutes.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Good for you did the right thing hopefully the woman will be reunited with her purse :)

Michelle said...

You're a good person - its refreshing to know that people still do the right thing and share concern for others. Thanks!

Kanti said...

It's good that you did the right thing in the first place. My first instinct would have been to take it to the police, even if someone is being nice I don't take well to strangers just showing up at my house.

The sad part is how the officer behaved. I guess the fact that you did the right thing may have startled her, but she seemed like maybe she just didn't want to put forth any effort. Maybe I am reading too much into it.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

That was nice of you! Hopefully she's like a lot of us and doesn't carry cash.

The bag of flour was $14.99, so it was a good deal. Watch, I'll love baking so much with this bag and they'll raise the price through the roof. *sighs*

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