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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CA Prop. 8 Decision Day/IL Civil Union Bill Set to Today or Wednesday

Prop. 8 Decision Coming Tuesday - The Advocate. Tuesday is today. I'll be anxiously awaiting the announcement of the decision.

Personally, I can't see how California can avoid overturning Prop. 8. I mean, if Iowa can do Marriage Equality, how can California not? Five European countries have legalized Marriage Equality nationally - Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway. How can California not?

Illinois Poised to approve Civil Unions - Washington Blade.
"Rick Garcia, political director for Equality Illinois, said Thursday he's "absolutely" expecting the full state House and the Senate to pass a civil union measure either Tuesday or Wednesday. The bill has support from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D)."
"Should the measure become law, both gay and straight couples could enter into civil unions. As there's no explicit language regarding an effective date, couples could start entering into civil unions 30 days after the bill is signed into law, Garcia said."
"The measure contains language noting that the establishment of civil unions would not interfere with the practices of any religious group and that any religious institution could decide for itself whether or not to solemnize or officiate a civil union."
I will be anxiously waiting announcements on both these measures.

What do you think California will decide?

Do you think Civil Unions will pass this week in Illinois?

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Sandee said...

This is hot off the press...

California high court upholds gay marriage ban

California's Supreme Court today upheld Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban, but allowed existing same-sex marriages to stand.

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Angelika said...

It is so odd to me that California, the place that we think of as so progressive (I do, at least.), still isn't getting with the times.

Lin said...

Yeah, I heard it did not pass. Go figure. I'm with Angelika--you'd think that California, of all states, would be the one to pass it. Geesh.

Sandee said...

First, I didn't vote yes on 8, I voted no. That being said this is what I've heard over and over while discussing this issue...

It's the word marriage that was the disagreement. Civil union was fine, but the word marriage turned off the majority it appears.

Have a terrific day. :)

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