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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CA Upholds Gay Ban But Does Not Invalid 18,000 Marriages

California High Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban.
Melissa Etheridge Reacts - The Advocate.
Margaret Cho Reacts - The Advocate.
Schwarzenegger on Prop. 8 - The Advocate. Yeah Ahhnold!

I was at doctor's appointments with my daughter's when the decision was announced, so I didn't hear until just minutes ago. I'm sure we can count on that Marriage Equality Groups are already working on a plan to re-amend the California Constitution to remove the language of Prop. 8 and get Gay Marriage passed. Prop 8: The Next Move - The Advocate.

I guess I can see how the court ruled the way that they did, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. They ruled on the process that was followed, rather than the substance of what Prop. 8 is.

What's really puzzling is how those 18,000 marriages will be treated. They were not invalidated, yet how does a state just give 18,000 couples those very specific rights?

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Stephanie B said...

A disappointment, but not unexpected, just stupid and, of course, short-lived. They know it, too. In the long run, discrimination ALWAYS loses and history tends to be harsh to those who prolonged it.

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