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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

File this under...Don't Ever Do That Again!

Just when I thought I didn't have a post for Thursday, whammo! Wednesday, 10:45pm I have one.

File this under "Don't Ever Do That Again".

Take one 14 year old son, add a Nylon Cable Tie and some curiosity...and you have this:

For anyone who doesn't know what a Nylon Cable Tie looks before one strangulates their finger, they look like this:

And for anyone that doesn't know how they work, you wrap the Nylon Cable Tie around...I don't know...say...a CABLE, slide the triangular end through the little hole in the box and and pull until it's tight. Very tight. And in case you were wondering...if you do it correctly...the Nylon Cable Tie LOCKS! The only way to remove said Nylon Cable Tie is to find something to cut it.

Since everyone plays in my toolbox (son included) I sent him to retrieve some cutters. He brought me a very nice selection of pliers. (Note to dyke self, need to involve son more in projects around the house so he can better identify tools.)

Knowing I needed to act quickly, I grabbed the pliers with the smallest nub and set out to attack the box end that locked the Nylon Cable Tie. I viciously squeezed (squoze?) it until it collapsed and we were able to twist it and release his finger.

Of course before I viciously attacked it with the pliers, I had to grab the camera that just happened to be right next to me. (Honest, it was right beside me!)
Son: "Noooooooo, you're not going to blog about this!"
Me: "Do you want that thing off your finger or not?"
Son: "Well, yeah."
Me: "Smile". (click/flash)
After I got it off I told him he needed to ice it. He hates icing injuries. I'm going to have to keep an eye on him and make sure the ice stays on.
Me: "What ever made you do that?" (Famous Mother's last words, usually on the way to the ER.)
Son: "I don't know!"
So far ER trip averted. I'm going to have to keep an eye on it though.

Umm, yeah...don't ever do that again!

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Bobbi Janay said...

I did that once when I was about ten, for the next 20 minutes while my dad was removing it I got the longest lecture.

A.Marie said...

Oh.My.Goodness....What ever possessed him to do that?

Wait a second, why am I even asking that?? I have a teen son with teen friends and they get teen ideas....LOL

Hope you have a great day! :)

Through Thick and Thin said...

ok, at least it was just a finger - could have been worse!
have a great day!!

Auntie E said...

Now that's a teen thing.. their brains go back to three years old.. remember those years,LOL. pea in nose ect. If it's a gadget they what to find out what else they can do with it.. yeah showed it to my 15 yo. and said don't do this!,lol. A teaching moment.

Lola said...

@ Bobbi Janay - It didn't take that long to remove it. Maybe it just seemed like 20 minutes?

@ A Marie - All I got was "I Don't KnoW!"

@ Through Thick And Thin - I made it a point to say that Nylon Cable Ties are not for fingers and definitely not for anything FINGER-LIKE on your body. LMAO!

@ Auntie E - Glad I was able to provide a photos and a story for your teaching moment. Lol!

Patricia Rockwell said...

Having the threat of a Mom ready to blog about your every misstep certainly helps keep teens from misbehaving, doesn't it?

Sandee said...

I can tell you what made him do this...BOY.

Have a terrific day. :)

Megryansmom said...

I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh right, but I can't help it. Kids are great for creating blog fodder.

Lin said...

Our favorite vacation saying (said with love and silliness) was "He's an IDIOT!". I think it qualifies in this situation. But said lovingly. :) That could have been the end of his professional golfing career!

StaceyC4 said...

Must have been something in the water that the teens were drinking, right?? Honestly, if I live to see Nick make it to adulthood, I will be shocked.

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Great post!

<3 Lindsay

Kat said...

Mercy! Is that what I have to look forward to with two boys??

SudsMuffin said...

Oh man. Ouch. Can't say I've ever tried that one.

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