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Monday, August 3, 2009

new IL tax increase like taking candy from a baby...or is it?

Have you heard that the tax on candy in Illinois is going up from 2% to 10.25% on September 1st? Read about it here and come back. I'll wait. Candy Or food? Confusion Grows As New Tax Looms - Chicago Tribune. Back already, good.

Our wonderful Governor Quinn is now going to make one of the few pleasures we have left in this economy even more expensive. He'll be literally taking candy out of the mouths of babes. Couldn't he find something else to tax? How about legalizing something illegal and taxing the hell out of it? Come on! You're picking on kids now, not to mention pms'ing women folk! It's bad enough that many of these kids are going to have all kinds of social services cut on them. Now they can't enjoy a friggin' candy bar?

Oh wait, and it's not that simple. Some candy bars aren't really candy bars according to a new Illinois law. Rejoice! Perhaps our babes can afford their sweet addictions.
"Sweets containing flour as an ingredient--and there are a lot of them--are not legally deemed to be candy, even if common sense and common taste say otherwise. And yes, licorice-based products such as Twizzlers have flour in them."

"That regular melt-in-your-mouth Hershey's bar? Candy for sure. But the Cookies 'n' Creme spinoff? That's food, not candy, according to a new state tax law.

A Butterfinger? Candy. Butterfinger Stixx with wafer center? Not candy.

Likewise, Twix, Kit Kat and Twizzlers, are all candy-aisle staples that Illinois no longer officially considers to be candy."
Thank goodness Governor Quinn isn't layin' a finger on my Butterfinger!

I wonder if O'Henry and Charleston Chews have flour in them. Hmmm...

What's your favorite candy addiction?
Would you be willing to pay an additional 8% tax on that sweet confection?

If I jones really bad for a Hershey Dark or some Raisnets, will you my out of state pallies send me some?
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Auntie E said...

Now that's why I buy all my Candy at the Hershey Factory store in Pa. I trip to that place once a year. Buy one years supply for me, did I say that Oh..I meant the family. Tax free candy. you don't even have to go to the park!! We already have tax on candy here. Chocolat... chololate...chocolate.. anything chocolate my favorite.

cardiogirl said...

That is wrong. It's wrong. No further explanation necessary.

Now onto the important question that I always find difficult to answer: what is your favorite candy?

This is like being asked which child I should sacrifice. There's a lot sweating and gnashing of teeth. I stress about the choice, wondering if it was a good one or if it could have been better.

In the end I always go with my old standby -- the chocolate Hershey bar. It never lets me down.

And that's a bitch because it apparently it will cost 10.25% more next time I'm in Illinois. I remember when a candy bar was 50 cents.

I think they're 85 cents now which would presumable mean they are roughly 94 cents in the Windy City.

Bah humbug.

Lin said...

They would freaking charge us for air if they could in Cook County and in Illinois. Watch your self on the highways--there are teams of troopers getting speeders in construction zones. Joe got nailed for going 51 (in a 45) and the dame "let him off easy" with an illegal lane change ticket instead of a speeding one. It's getting wicked to live here. Taxing candy??? effers.

Angela said...

That is such BS. I don't buy candy often, but still. We're still tax-free on candy here, but we'll see how long that lasts...

Angela said...

And yes, I'd send you some if you really wanted me too.

Angela said...

Although, the shipping cost would probably outweigh the tax.

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