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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Randomness

Ok, so you get randomness twice this week...

How come I just discovered yesterday that Food 4 Less is Kroger? I've lived in Illinois since 1988 and I just discovered this yesterday? I think I've been living under a rock! Actually, I asked Anastasia and she didn't know either.

There are 2, about the same distance from my house. Only around 11 miles. But when you drive those 11 miles with our son in tow, those can seem like an eternity. He did a monologue the entire ride there and back. He was driving me crazy! I tried turning up the radio, but he just talked louder! I finally had to get a grip and try to channel my younger self. You know, the one that could drive from Chicago to Milwaukee with 2 screaming toddlers in the back seat and not even flinch? Yeah her. It wasn't easy, but I managed to find her.

It's that time of year again. The ladybug invasion. Ever since we moved to the burbs, this house gets a ladybug invasion this time of year. It's weird, I've never seen this many ladybugs before moving here.

Ok, yes, I watched Oprah last night. Remember how I dissed Oprah for taking over downtown Chicago last month? I wasn't aware they did this with the audience. This is really cool considering this was the audience, not all dancers. Sure the girl in blue was a dancer and probably the dozen people around her, but not the multitudes of regular people that were there.

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cardiogirl said...

A few quick observations:

The guy on stage with the red shirt looks like Michael Jackson from far away.

The girl in blue seriously needs her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

But it was really cool to watch the dancing spread out.

StaceyC4 said...

Food 4 less? What is that? I have a Kroger about 5 miles away! Granted, I don't shop there but if it will save me money, I just might!

JD at I Do Things said...

My husband told me about Food 4 Less, and I was SHOCKED. Because Kroger has the kind of cereal AND Rotel "hot" tomatoes that I can't find anywhere else and I thought I could only stock up when I went to visit my aunt in Indiana.

(I love that video AND song.)

I am Harriet said...

I saw that on Oprah. She went nuts over it.
We don't have either grocery store here. Heck...Jewel moved out like 7 years ago and now I can't buy Vienna Beef......uurrrggghhh

Lucy said...

I love Oprahs face through the whole thing. I cant imagine what the energy must have been like at that moment.

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