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Saturday, October 24, 2009

ABC's Flash Forward

I got an email from my blog pally Patricia from Subjective Soup. She asked me to review this past Thursdays episode of Flash Forward where we learn that FBI Agent Janis Hawk is a lesbian. Thank you for the suggestion, I'm thankful for the inspiration for a post. (Lately nothing is inspiring posts. Lol!) Warning: Plot spoilers ahead. If you missed the episode, click on Flash Forward and watch the episode "Episode #105 - Gimme Some Truth" be sure to come back, read my post and comment.
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I watched episode 104 and 105. I admit, I kind of jumped right in. I didn't go back and start with the first episode. I took a few notes while watching 105 (I'm geeky like that) and then I checked out's review by Sarah Warn. I used that as a kind of a catch up. I wasn't aware that there were hints in previous episodes about Agent Hawk. Click on the link to read Sarah's review. It was interesting to see in her comments, someone commented that wearing a ring on the left thumb was code for lesbian. I never heard of that before. Agent Hawk wears a ring on her left thumb.

Before Patricia's email, Anastasia had told me about the episode (105) and told me to be sure and watch it. She said it with such enthusiasm that I was expecting a bit more. Frankly, I feel misled. I watched the episode and was expecting, shall we extended romantic interlude with the characters of FBI Agent Janis Hawk and Maya. (Ok, I when I spoke to Anastasia I didn't use those words. I asked where the bow chicka bow bow was. I was expecting something like the hot, hot, hot scene from "House" where Thirteen picks up a woman at a nightclub and later they discover they have the same bizarre terminal illness. The episode ends with Thirteen making out with an anonymous blonde.)

All this episode showed was this kiss at a restaurant on their first date.

And then a similar kiss the morning after that first date at Agent Hawk's apartment with her scrambling eggs and Maya in a cami and tap pant. (Aren't I impressing you with my knowledge of lingerie?) So obviously there was some first date nookie, but we didn't even get to see any making out, or the bedroom scene afterward. Can I say that ABC is a bunch of *******? Come on! They show way, way, way more with straight couples.

Ok, I'm getting over my disappointment. (No, I lie! I felt cheated!) Anyway, let's move on to that kiss. Who kisses like that? Doesn't that seem kind of aggressive/dramatic of Agent Hawk? Anastasia and I talked about that. Neither of us can ever recall being kissed like that, or either of us kissing each other or anyone else like that. It looked kind of like a 'stunt kiss'. I don't mean like the Madonna/Brittany Spears kiss at the VMA's. I mean, hand placement and camera angle make it appear to be a dramatic kiss, while they aren't necessarily locking lips, or where their lips are touching, but the hand placement makes it seem so much more than it was. Do you get what I mean?

So, I've critiqued the to the first date, how should I put this...err romance. Was that accurately portrayed? I would have to say yes. Lesbians move fast. (Hence the lesbian U-Haul jokes you hear.) While Maya's snooping on Mosaic about Agent Hawk didn't surprise me, I was surprised that she owned up to it, and I was surprised how that scene played out at the gallery. It was as if Maya had their whole life planned out. She had the flash forward of a wedding band and Agent Hawk has the flash forward of being pregnant. That's awfully presumptuous of Maya to assume that she will be married to Agent Hawk and that they planned the baby together and Agent Hawk will make a wonderful mom. That was a bit much for a second date, even in our U-Haul world. Lol!

Ok, it was humorous during the date when Agent Hawk fibbed about her flash forward saying that she was on the space station having a 3-way with Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Then Maya retracts her real flash forward story and says that she was on a game show hosted by Angelina Jolie and she didn't know the answer so she called Agent Hawk and Hawk didn't respond so she lost the million. Speaking of Angelina Jolie, if Anastasia has her on her "list", I'm putting Christine Woods on mine. So long as she wears her gray suit and badge.

Ok, I digress, but do you blame me? Way hotter than Angelina Jolie...I'm just saying. (I think it may be the badge.)

I was very disheartened by the way the episode ended. Agent Hawk gets shot in the back and as she lies on the pavement in a large pool of her own blood her flash forward flashes before her eyes where she asks the ultrasound tech what she's having. She learns she's having a girl.

So, did this shooting really happen? Is this someone else's flash forward and there is still opportunity to change the course of history? During the ultrasound, why is there no scar on Agent Hawk's belly from the gunshot?

On another note, I thought the lady doc using the guy doc's flash forward to save Ned Ned was awesome. After I finished watching I had to Google/Wiki Addison's Disease, because I had never heard of it before.
Questions, questions, questions.
Yes, I'm hooked.
What about you? What did you think?
And for extra credit, if you watched it the website, did you see the webcast with David Goyer and Marc Guggenheim, the producers of the show? If you didn't, they talked about having already written 7 seasons of the show and that they already know how each season finale will end. Even the last one. How does that make you feel?

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JulieChats said...

We love this show! It's interesting to read about it from the lesbian point of view. I'm kinda disappointed that they know how it all ends though....

Stephany said...

Didn't President Kennedy have Addison's?

Thanks for the review, I thought the show was far too neat and tidy vs. the House episode.

Both programs attempted to add some sort of plot interest through short-lived character actions, I think.

I wonder if having people shot or killed before their flashforward happens is part of the now world, so the plot can twist and turn if people are changing before 6 months is up.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Great to hear your take on the show, Lola! I didn't know if ABC was presenting Janice realistically or not. But the bit with her being six months pregnant in her flash forward and being shot in the present episode is certainly intriguing from a plot standpoint.

*lynne* said...

I gave up on this show after the first episode :D

from the image of the kiss, what you describe as a stunt kiss I see a Susan Sarandon kiss (from that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., where she teaches Joey some trick of the soap opera trade): the objective is to cover as much of the other's face as possible, LoL!

I'm still not drawn to watch the show, despite your review and the questions raised. Instead, I'd probably pick up the book. Of course, I only have 200+ titles in my to read list, so it may take a while :p

JD at I Do Things said...


I watch this online and don't always remember where I'm at.

I realized immediately I haven't seen this episode yet.

So I'll come back and read it after I watch. Online, of course.

Suzy said...

Jennifer Aniston always used to kiss like that on Friends. I always wondered why because I've kissed anyone like that either.

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