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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Children's Christmas List

Our kids know that this year will be a bit different from the rest because this year is very different in terms of our finances. We're not making it obvious, like my Mom did (hello 4 foot aluminum Christmas tree), but we have hinted and we have set limits.
We've been asking since Thanksgiving for lists from them and we've asked them to prioritize their list to let us know what their most wanted items are. I finally got our son's list this past Sunday. Our daughter has waved her list at me several times, but didn't actually give us a copy until Tuesday night.

Do you ask your kids for 'wish lists'?

If you do, what was the biggest ticket item they asked for?

If you do, what was the most unusual thing they asked for? How old were they?

My kids have always made lists, even before they could write, they used to cut the pictures out of the ads and paste them on paper.

I don't recall any really high ticket items, although video game systems have been on their list since they became aware of Nintendo 64.

Most unusual, I don't really recall any unusual, other than this year, the kid who grumbled and groaned at trying out for the golf team and who refused to 'listen' to the coaches tips during lessons and league has asked for a very expensive driver for Christmas. So in keeping with one of our daughter's favorite things, we've decided to play Let's Make A Deal. If he participates in golf lessons and leagues next summer, makes every effort to be 'teachable' and follows the coaches direction and makes an honest effort to try out for the team and if he makes it, he follows through and participates for the season we will get him the driver next year. We're not making it contingent on making the team, but he has to do his best. How will we know? His attitude, feedback from the coaches and how he golfs with Anastasia. How can we make a promise to buy a bit of a big ticket item? I'm the queen of deals. Last year I got some awesome deals on the very expensive driver and irons that I got Anastasia over the last year.

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Jen said...

My kids lists are pretty simple this year. My son wants money and my daughter wants everything. Should be really easy.

Lin said...

Col asked for a new ipod. He has an Itouch that doesn't leave the house, so I gladly bought the ipod so he can bring that to school instead of the expensive item. He literally wore the old one out, so I didn't have a problem with that. I'm filling in with underwear and clothes. Em is getting a bunch of clothes that she picked out. I'm combining presents with necessities this year, but I don't think the kids have noticed.

StaceyC4 said...

This year kind of shocked me. Both boys (ages 17 & 9)went kind of easy on us. Although my 17 year old is in SO MUCH trouble over his cell phone bill, he has told us to take his Christmas money and use that towards his debt! It's tempting to do but the thought of him sitting there on Christmas morning with nothing but a paid in full Verizon bill just doesn't seem right!

Auntie E said...

My daughter make her list, this year it's a Laptop and new cell phone.
But one year she asked for a pair of Stilts. Now I'll tell you that Santa delivered them right to our living room on Christmas day, she still uses them.

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