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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drummer Boy Aka Metallica-head Strikes Again

Well not really's almost continuous. He was playing the drums for about an hour this morning, so loud that we could hear it clearly with all the doors and windows closed and I could hear it above the sound of my television in the living room. And let me tell you...that's really loud because this guy is across the street and we both have large front lawns in between the 2 lane street. Anastasia was sleeping (or trying to, because she is at her Moms until 1am or later taking care of her brother). I knew it wouldn't be long before she blew a gasket and let's face it, the sound was annoying the hell out of me too.

So...I called the County Sheriff. Yup! They actually showed up 10 minutes after I called. By that time Drummer Boy Aka Metallica-head had stopped drumming and had turned on his stereo really loud. I spoke with the Sheriff's Department officer who showed up and told him what we go through on a daily basis and he said he would go talk to him, which he did.

We'll see if this has any affect on his behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if this is like the loose dog problem and it will take numerous calls and Sheriff's visits before he learns a lesson.

In any event, it is blissful quiet in the hood right now...ok, except for the douchebag with the leaf blower.

12:45pm, an hour later...the music is blaring...then the drums again. I called the County Sheriff again, they are on their way and I will be filing a complaint. What gives this douchebag the right to play his music so so loud that it disrupts other people?

Same Sheriff's Officer came back to my house, as we were chatting a supervisor pulls up. Now there are 2 Sheriff's cars in front of Drummer Boy Aka Metallica-head's house. Both Officers again talked to him and the first Officer went to talk to my neighbor (not Mr. Friendly, the neighbor on the other side). The first Officer told me that Drummer Boy Aka Metallica-head said he was on disability. I told the Officer 'so what? I'm on disability too, but I don't disrupt my neighbors at all hours of the day with loud music playing and loud drums and guitars on amplifiers.' Yes. I actually said that to the officer.

I was given phone numbers to call for the State's Attorney's Office and Zoning. I'm waiting for the State's Attorney's Office to call back. Basically there is no noise ordinance in the unincorporated city where we live so we have few options. We can continue to call the Sheriff and if they can send a car they will chat him up and tell him to knock it off. We can try to get the State's Attorney's Office to file a complaint, or we can file a claim in Small Claim's Court. In any case, I will have my Flip Camera at the ready so that I have video tape proof of the magnitude of the noise.

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A.Marie said...

Hi there! I agree with you...why can't they do something to shut him up? I would go absolutely bonkers.

We have a gal in the neighborhood who, on really nice saturday afternoons, washes her car in her driveway, and she has the music blasting! She is a block away and I can hear it word for word. Hubs and I just shake our heads and hope that it'll start raining or something!

I know...we are so mean! :)

Funny family photo, guys look like you are having waaaay to much fun!! :)

StaceyC4 said...

Wow - I have to admit, I'm married to a drummer and he has only played here at the house once. A neighbor called the cops and it was the last time he did it. The cop told us that basically (and this is NC law so I'm sure it varies from state to state) but as long as it was between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm, we were okay to play. But really? If people are that annoyed that they are calling the cops, the decent thing to do is stop. Good for you for taking charge of this and hopefully getting him to stop.

Lin said...

Arrrgghhh!! I love how his excuse for drumming all day is because he is on disability. What is that?? That is one weird boy/man.

Deb said...

That stinks that the county doesn't have a noise ordinance. Our town has one and several neighbors had called the cops about loud vehicles. They did a ticket sting two days in a row and wouldn't ya know all the cars are fixed now so that they don't vibrate the walls as they drive by. I would see who you could talk to at your township or county office about getting a noise ordinance. Just because you are unincorporated doesn't mean that you can't have laws like that for the residents.

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