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Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Meme

Ok, there's tons of memes out there. I decided to create my own holiday meme. Here goes:
1. What is your favorite holiday show/animated show?
Sentimental - "It's A Wonderful Life", Funny - "Christmas Vacation", Animated show - "Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer".

2. What holiday character do you think you're most like?

3. What holiday character does your spouse think you're most like?
The Grinch.

4. Favorite Christmas/holiday song?
"The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.)

5. Most hated Christmas/holiday song?
"Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" by John Lennon. I can't explain it, it just grates on my nerves. I love just about anything else he did.

6. If you have an all holiday music radio station when do you start listening to it?
I tune in now and then, depending on my mood.

7. If you have an all holiday music radio station do you love it or hate it?
Depends on my mood.

8. Have you ever wrapped yourself as a Christmas present? Come can tell!
Umm, no.

9. Who is Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer's father?
Let's see what you all have to say. I already know the answer.
10. Do you drive your neighborhood or one near you at night to look at other people's holiday decorations?
Guilty. Our kids always ask when we're going to do this. When we lived in Chicago we always drove around Sauganash. They had the best decorations. Santa in a tree house and a working, fully lit carousel.
11. When you see a heavily decorated house do you think, 'oh that's lovely'? Or do you think, 'oh criminy, that looks like Christmas threw up all over their lawn'?
Umm, yeah, totally Grinch here. Christmas threw up all over their lawn. Unless they have some one of a kind, spectacular item in the display (like the Santa in the tree house or a carousel), I think Christmas threw up.

12. Are you counting the days to Christmas with excited anticipation or dread?
Dread. Nuf said.

13. When was the last time you had your photo taken with Santa? Did you sit on his lap?
Our son's first Christmas when Marshall Field's sent their best Santa to our apartment to make up for the bad Santa at their State Street store. Read read all about it here.

14. Do you make a Christmas list for your spouse or significant other or do you rely on them to pick your gift(s) without a clue from you?
Anastasia asks me to make a list. In fact she prefers that I find a bunch of items online, find the best price and give her the links and then she picks from that email what to get me. She usually does add an item that isn't on the list, but she does prefer this way and I don't have a problem doing it.

15. When do you put up your tree?
We'll be putting it up Saturday, December 5th. Normally we do it the weekend after Thanksgiving, but our son was at his dad's and our son is the one who goes up in the attic and brings everything down.

16. Real or fake?
Fake. Last year I spent nearly all day on Black Friday shopping for the perfect pre-lit tree that met Anastasia's specifications.

17. When do you take your tree down?
The day after Epiphany. Sometimes New Year's Day.

18. Do you shop the day after Christmas sales? What do you shop for?
If I have the money, I shop for Christmas wrap for the next year, sometimes ornaments. I also may spend any gift cards I've gotten and sometimes shop other items on sale.

19. Is your work/office having a holiday party this year? Will you attend?
I'm not working, so there is none to attend.

20. Do you have your New Year's Eve Plans set yet?
No plans as yet. I haven't yet discussed it with Anastasia.

Feel free to steal (copy) this meme and complete with your own answers.
Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!


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StaceyC4 said...

Oh, I like this one!! Can I steal it? Can I? Can I? Please??

A.Marie said...

Oh, what a good meme! I can't wait to see what Stacey puts for her answers! :)

I'd participate, but since it is now 12:08pm and I have messed around on this computer long enough, I have to get my little hiney to the store. FunFun. NOT! :)

Lin said...

I'm totally stealing! Now you gotta come over to see my answers.

Helene said...

Yep-Grinch-that's me. Just couldn't think of it. I start the day after Halloween and by January 2 I am ok again.

Sauganash-GMTA! Cool then you have seen my favorite with the tree coming out of the roof! :-)

Auntie E said...

Love reading yours.

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