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Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

What is up with AT&T? My daughter's phone keeps getting the service cut-off. We have a family plan, it's paid in full and only her phone has been affected. I've had to call them twice in less than a week and spend nearly an hour each time while they futz around and get it back working. Is this their way of hinting that I should be upgrading her phone? Any recommendations for a flip phone with a camera or slider phone with a camera?

Dishwasher installation was finally completed over the weekend. It's so nice to not have all the arguing over who's turn it is. Now they just started fighting over what side of the couch is theirs. Jeez! Moms can't win!

Looks like we will be getting the free gas range. I heard from the lady today. Now we just have to get one of Anastasia's relatives with a truck and coordinate when they can pick it up with when the lady is home.

Our son spent Hanukkah weekend with us because his dad bailed on him and didn't even bother to call. Then in a phone call on Sunday he blamed it on every one of us because none of us called him. So each of us took turns hanging up on him. I more than made up for it though. I roasted a huge chicken, made potato latkes and mock kishke and I bought the last packages of chocolate Hanukkah coins. Even though I'm not Jewish, I rocked it in the kitchen! I was going to be making Matzo Ball Soup today, but instead I am off to the doctor because my cold has turned into a sinus infection.

Had our daughter's IEP meeting yesterday. It went very well. Our daughter insisted that Anastasia go with me. She did, even though it just about killed her to get up at that crack of dawn when she's used to getting up in the afternoon because she is caregiver for her brother well past midnight 4 nights a week. Afterward we did some Christmas shopping. It was almost like a date.

Anastasia's birthday is on Thursday. She was dropping birthday gift and Christmas gift hints all over the place yesterday.

Looking forward to New Year's Eve for the drunken Janet Davies local coverage. Anastasia is too. (We're both sick that way. Lol!) Yes it's a few weeks away, but sometimes you need something to look forward to...even if it is a bit of a stretch. Lol!

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Staci said...

My AT&T phone goes out a lot when I'm out of town. I found the easiest way to start it back working is to remove the sim card and stick it back in. I probably should update mine (let's just say it still says Cingular on it), but I'm scared I'll have to put down a deposit. Until then, I just do the sim card trick. Try it next time. It might work for your daughter's phone & save you time on hold with customer service.

Lin said...

Do the sim card or battery removal if it locks up--Em's got that problem a lot. I think she's wearing the darned thing out. Colin? Well, I wouldn't know--he got his wallet, phone, and ITouch stolen at school today. And just for the record--the ITouch was NEVER to go to school.

I hate kids.

Auntie E said...

We switched to T-mobile because of the lousy service we got. Always cutting out.
BTW. It could be the phone, My daughter had a cell phone that would just turn off in the middle of talking or texting. We had it replaced.

StaceyC4 said...

I agree that it could just be the phone. When we first got Verizon, we got three identical phones. My son constantly complained about his but Frank and I never had a problem. I'd start looking at a new phone.

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