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Friday, December 18, 2009


I am still battling my sinus infection and I'm crabby as all get out. I have been running like crazy since last week. Last week 2 trips to Naperville to pick up our daughter. This week 2 trips to Naperville, 1 for her IEP meeting on Monday and then bonus...Thursday she missed the bus. Since I knew she had a project she was supposed to work on and it's deadline was Friday (last day before winter break), I knew I had to drive her. (Ok, I will admit it, I really wasn't in the mood for having her stay home either. I've got 2 weeks of that to look forward to.) Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

Our son in his infinite wisdom has decided to ditch his dad this weekend because he is oh so under pressure because final exams are next week. Who wants to bet that he spends the entire weekend playing video games, or playing with the kittys and doesn't even crack a book? I will admit that he does have an ulterior motive. The ex is moving in with his 'fiance' this weekend and was going to be relying on our son to be one of the movers. He's not hiring anyone, only having some of his fiance's friends help.

Trash pick up is today. We put our old dishwasher at the curb yesterday and it was gone in under two hours. I hope we can say the same for our stove when we put it out there. We are picking up our replacement stove Saturday.

Anastasia was all busy on her birthday installing the folding door. After she left for her caregiver gig I gave each kitty a chance to have a run of the first and second floor. Maddux is crazy. He was running under the tree, batting the candy canes on the lower branches (who put those there?), then running behind the sofa and then into the kitchen, sliding across the parquet floor and flipping over. Sorry, I didn't the Flip handy then, but I'm sure this will be a regular sport for him. Irish was more subdued. She investigated, but kept going back up to the master bedroom where she has been staying. She'd come down and check things out, then back up again. She wasn't as excited about the new found freedom as Maddux was. I did manage to get Maddux on the Flip playing. For such a shy guy, he's got a lot of energy. Lol! (You may want to turn your sound down. The bell is rather obvnoxious.) Wasn't it nice that our son just dumped his stuff. Yes, he's too busy studying to put his things away or do any chores.

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cardiogirl said...

I might have to snag Maddux after I kidnap Hobbes from Lin's house. Hey! You both live in the Chi-Town area, don't you?

Two for one!

p.s. I must see the kitchen floor gymnastics. Please?

Diane said...

maddux is tooooo cute!!

i will make sure trinity doesn't miss the bus at all costs because her school is 30 minutes from here. and there's no way she's staying home! so, i hear you on that!!! lol

cant blame your son for not wanting to help move. moving sucks!!

hope you're feeling better soon!

Helene said...

Heyyyy I am kidnapping Hobbes. Then I might swing by to get Maddux for added cuteness.

Lin said...

CG--Lola and I meet for coffee--we are THAT close! Aren't you jealous???

I LOVE that Maddux! He is extra cute!

And Josh--that is one smart boy! Good for him. :)

A.Marie said...

Awww..I didn't get here in both Maddox AND Hobbes are spoken for! DRATS! :)

A.Marie said...

Hello...Just came over to see how you are doing. I was over at Lin's and saw you had posted. Isn't that train display hilarious?? I want to see Santa and his babe! HA! :)

JD at I Do Things said...

Cardiogirl! Stay away from Maddux! And Hobbes! And Gus and Pru!

Lola, I'll be kidnapping Maddux. Please do not let Cardiogirl anywhere near you.

Auntie E said...

Cute Kitten..Look like he enjoys playing. Hope you feel better soon.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

awwww adorable kitty goodness! :)

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