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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leno/Conan/Fallon. Just do it already. If this doesn't prove cheaper isn't always better...I don't know what does.

This can't go without mentioning, yet all the media attention is probably exactly what he wanted in a twisted, sick way to bring attention to himself and the reality show he is set to appear in. What am I talking about? A certain Caucasian, jackass, ousted, former Governor of Illinois said in an Esquire interview that he is "blacker than Barack Obama". Seriously? First of all you are a Caucasian. Second of's 'President Barack Obama'. Show the appropriate amount of respect. Wait a minute...he wouldn't know what that was. Stop giving this man space in the media.

Dayum! Notice a certain attitude here? No patience. No patience for nuttin'. I am one cranky in pain beyotch. My back pain still hasn't calmed down.

Deep, cleansing breath...On a lighter note. Did you go vote? Lin at Duck And Wheel With String - Commencing The Dork Off II. My regulars will recall that I won the Duck And Wheel With String - First Official Dork-Off back in July. Where is my entry? All I have to say is...I'm a dork! I didn't enter. Why? Mostly because the back pain prevented me from going on a search mission for the perfect follow-up photo. Yeah. And besides...someone else should get a chance at the title. Where am I throwing my support? #6 JD of I Do Things. Why? It's the bangs and the glasses. Nuf said. Lol! Go vote...all the cool kids are doin' it.

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Lin said...

Oh, Lola, your back sounds just awful! I hope you are feeling better soon.

I think Conan got a raw deal whether you like him or not. I actually like his show and will miss him.

Hey, JD pulled a "Lola" and guided her followers over to my place to vote. I'm not saying who won or anything. Just stay tuned for the crowning tomorrow.

Petula said...

LOL: "cool kids are doing it." I've already cast my vote. It was the legwarmers and sweater that got me. Reminded me too much of myself back then.

Sorry to hear about your back. Hope the pain goes away soon.

Shauni said...

Boy have I misssed your wit... and for the record I agree.. especially with the attention grabbing pain in the rear we used to have to call governor..

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