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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Trivia About Me Meme

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger and blog named Astrid Paramita. She states that she stole it at BubbleBoo. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The Trivia About Me Meme-

Do you get regular massages?
Only if you count the ones Anastasia gives.

Do you have an answering machine?
Yes but, I seem to have no idea how to hook up my cordless phone and the answering machine since we moved everything for the Christmas tree.

What cuss word do you use the most?
FUDGE. (You know, not really fudge.)

Are you underweight or overweight?
Depends on what what planet I'm on.

Can you see your veins?
Yes, but the weird thing is that phlebotomists still have great difficulty finding them.


All My Children.

I love watermelon, but it's pricey this time of year and not very good, so I'm currently hooked on oranges.

Kind of red meat?
Mmm...pot roast.

Shrimp, cod.

Candy bar?

Have You Ever…

Eaten a whole bag of potato chips?
Not in the same sitting, but even that's rare when you have 2 teens.

Eaten lobster?
Lobster tail. I've never had a whole lobster.

Climbed a mountain?
Only molehills.

Been skydiving?
Are you nuts!?

Been water skiing?

Do You…

Wish you could change something about your life?
Having more money than bills would be a nice change of pace and using that money to have a decent vacation with Anastasia.

Like your nose?
Why not? It fits my face fine and it blows.

Like salt and vinegar chips?

Eat salsa?
But of course!

Own a boat?
Well our son does wear size 14 shoes, so I guess I could say we have 2 boats...

What Is…

A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?
Women putting on make-up while driving!

Your most macho trait?
I probably have more tools in my garage than your dad/husband. And I actually know how to use them.

The longest relationship you’ve ever had?
I was single for nearly 31 years...does that count?

Your most embarrassing thoughts?
Like I would include those here. Pulllease!

Your most shameful moment?
Whoring my blog out for cash to make up the shortfall on my mortgage. Thanks again gals. You all rock!





Jelly/Cream Cheese?
Cream cheese with lox, cucumber, tomato and red onion on a bagel. Yum!

Bagel, but only if I've got all of the above. Otherwise toast with my homemade jam.


My greatest weakness is…
Sales, bargains.

I wish I was…

Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are…
Kill, injure or hurt someone's feelings.

The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…
You guys are gross....


Credit card you had?

Loan you got was for?
My 2nd car. Chevy Monza.

Paycheck was for how much?
I have no idea. I do remember minimum wage was $2.60 an hour.

Time you had stitches?
7 years old. I missed the handle on our screen door and my hand crashed through the glass.

Time you went to the hospital for something?
See above.


List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?
Pancakes, chips and salsa, cheese pizza.

Last thing you used a credit card for?
No credit cards.

What was your job previous to the one you have now?
Not working, disabled. Previously I was working for a real estate office doing accounting.

Last thing you celebrated?
New Years.

Last time you were at a sports bar?
Heck, I don't know. I'm old.

Lola's Diner


NurseExec said...

Mmmmm, your bagel sounds yummy! Happy Sunday!

Paula said...

Never eaten lox myself but think it sounds good

StaceyC4 said...

I have the same problem with my veins. I can see them but no one else can (like the professionals!) can find them without issues!

Lin said...

Did you answer "Nope!" on one of those????? :)

Lola said...

@ NurseExec - Yes, wish I could afford a package of lox.

@ Paula - It's really good, kind of pricey though.

@ StaceyC4 - I once said something, like, can't you see it, it's blue, and the person attempting to draw blood said that wasn't the 'right' vein. Whatever. Lol!

@ Lin - Actually I said "nope" to 2 things. Water skiing and salt and vinegar chips.

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