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Thursday, January 14, 2010

On cat videos...

Paula Poundstone may have 12 cats and may lament that they don't do anything...

However, our 2 cats seem hell bent on catching every possible (knock on wood they don't) kitty illness/ailment. You may remember last week I mentioned taking them to the vet because I thought they both still had upper respiratory infections. Well, they did. Irish woke us up Friday night with 2 sneezing jags. One of them I counted 18 sneezes in a row. Maddux also had ear mites and ringworm. Tuesday afternoon Irish could barely keep her left eye open and it was all swollen under the bottom lid. Of course I couldn't do anything about it that day by the time I discovered it because we already had other appointments that day. Wednesday I called the vet and of course she says bring her in right away, she could have scratched or injured her eye. She didn't. It was just pink eye, but when the vet took her to do they exam I heard the most awful noises I've ever heard a cat make. (Yes, I know it was her because the vet took us on her lunch time and no other 'patients' were there.) Anastasia and I are thinking of renaming her 'Diva'. It took the vet, several techs and the receptionist to manage the exam. You wouldn't believe how fast they got her back in her cage after. So now I have oral meds and ointment to administer for Irish and 2 oral meds for Maddux. Fun times. And I'm the only one brave enough in our house to give them their meds. (Yes, Anastasia is a wuss!)

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Lin said...

Oh, I'm the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman at this place too. Chickens.

My cat Henry was making those noises and taking swipes at the very expensive cat ophthalmologist WHILE he was knocked out. Yeah, nice kitty. I cracked up when I walked in to those sounds, knowing full well he was the only cat there. I just calmly asked "Is that my Sweet Prince?".

Lola said...

@ Lin - Dr. Quinn medicine it! Honest to goodness...I've never heard such sounds before. Lol! I have to bring Maddux back next week for his dip, I'm sure they'll all be running for break when they see me coming.

Rebecca said...

Wow. Accident-prone cats, and their spazzed-out caretakers. You could make a movie out of that.

My cat wants to do EVERYTHING. laundry? Hop in the dryer and "help" mom by blocking the door! Mom writing an article? Sit in front of her computer screen and scratch the expensive 23" LCD screen!

Well, at least she doesn't puke behind the chairs she scratches, like poor Paula described her cats.

P.S. Thanks for entering my contest! :D

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