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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Calling all Deadheads...

Looking to my readers and followers for help on this one...

Are you a Grateful Dead fan? Do you have a Dead t-shirt (white) with an image of a sun, face, lips and sunglasses? If so, I need an image of it. (I've already googled for images, and can't find one online.)

If you've got the right image, I've got a month long ad for you.

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tahtimbo said...

Is this it??

If not, I can keep looking.

Lola said...

Close, but not it. More lips showing, big grin.

Friend Sloane said...

Love the Dead, but can't help you Lola. I don't think Ive listened to a dead song since I got rid of all my 'records'.

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