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Friday, July 2, 2010

Ask Me A Question - The Answers, Part 1

StaceyC4 said...

So glad you asked to be asked! Okay, so now I have been Ecard free for over a month and I have to tell you, I miss the traffic. I just got my check from BlogHer and it was for half of what I normally get! Do I cave and give them another chance? I cannot afford to put any money in to advertising and so it was free traffic - and lots of it! I went from over 200 visits a day to 12! What are your thoughts?

June 25, 2010 2:41 PM

I miss the traffic too. However, I'm not willing to deal with the nasty stuff that people have been doing with their blogs that can affect my computer. The viruses and Trojans that can be caught from those not so nice bloggers. Since leaving Entrecard, I have not had to deal with any of that. (knock on wood!) The part that is really frustrating is that the powers that be at Entrecard don't give a flying **** about the good bloggers. They do nothing to stop those bad bloggers who plant viruses and Trojans in their blogs to infect other bloggers. I really feel like I can't support something that doesn't protect it's members.

I've never earned enough on any of the ad things to get a payout yet. I think most of those don't count the stop and run traffic from Entrecard anyway. Sure it's nice to see those big stats, but if those ad sites don't count that traffic, it's basically phantom traffic. They come, they drop, and poof...they are gone. Sure a few stop and read, but in my experience it isn't many.

I tend to get more traffic when I participate in Memes that use McLinky or MrLinky, Blog Carnivals, Blog Hops, Girls Nite Out, and Follow Me Fridays. I also use when I do reviews or post about certain topics that I think would have a broad appeal.

I'm trying to stand firm in my departure from Entrecard. It isn't easy, but I'm determined to stay away.

How about anyone else?

Do you regret leaving Entrecard?

Have you wandered back?

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Petula said...

I didn't leave, but I don't E-hop as much and I don't pay attention to the stats too much. I've noticed that people don't visit from Entrecard unless I've visited them and I haven't gotten a payout on ad stuff either. IDK... I also didn't have problems with viruses and whatnot (like you said: knock on wood.)...

Lin said...

NOPE! Not one minute!! I find it suspect that people are STILL dropping on my non-existent EC Button. I never closed the account, but there has been no button on which to drop since March. Tell me that isn't corrupt!!!

I don't miss the traffic because it wasn't good traffic anyway. You have to really work to keep people coming to your blog for the right reasons. It is good quality traffic now.

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