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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ask Me A Question - The Answers, Part 2

cardiogirl said...

How did you get Blogger to create a pop up comment box? I love that! I'm on WordPress and am happy with that, but I hate leaving comments at Blogger because it takes you away from the blog.

I'd like to leave your instructions at other Blogger sites so *I* can be happy while leaving comments.

Yes, it's all about me.

Of course it's all about you! To create the pop up comment box in Blogger:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Comments.
3. The third option is "Comment Form Placement". Select "Pop-up Window".
4. Be sure to scroll down and click on "Save Settings".

Very simple!

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Lin said...

I never realized CG was bothered by the comment process on the blogs. I will immediately go and change the settings to accommodate!

(well, maybe not, but I thought it might make a sweet ending to her question) ;)

cardiogirl said...

Lin, I absolutely hate it and now I am going to your pad to find out if you've changed that for me.

Here I go. I'm heading over there. Right. Now!

cardiogirl said...

She didn't change it Lola. I just went over there and it's the same.

Please, Lin, just for one day make it a pop up. People will love you for it.

Just wait and see. Do it and don't tell anyone and watch the accolades roll in.

(Waves) Hi Lola!

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